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Flights Getting Cheaper in Central America

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Flights are getting cheaper in Central America, as three low-cost airlines have entered the market.

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Three new airlines would fly in Central

Three new airlines intend to carry out flights in Central America, in order to attract passengers particularly the low-cost segment and offer services that are stopped giving.

El Salvador is the Central Economic Flights (CASI) and the Costa Rican Air Ticos and Ticas Airlines, which are in various stages of preparation and registration.

CASI reported this week already leased two Airbus aircraft and will invest about $ 100 million to start operations in March 2014 possibly.

VECA CEO, Edgar Hasbun, explained that the company’s goal is to forge a new market in the segment of low cost, which is not their interest to compete with Avianca and Copa flights now performed in the region .

CASI’s announcement that he joins the Air Ticos, for possible flights to Los Angeles, New Jersey, Miami, Caracas and Mexico, from Costa Rica.

On 11 September last year, the company launched its certification to the Directorate of Civil Aviation. Its owner, Gino Renzi said lease five Airbus to start.

The third, Ticas Arilines, is just getting under legal requirements to open its certification process, confirmed yesterday the Civil Aviation Authority.

Respect. Claudia Arenas, International Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs Avianca, said all competition they deserve great respect.

“We see no problem, he added, in entering new airlines, provided they comply with the requirements and regulations for the operation, and enter the market on equal terms, without subsidies or privileges.”

Although consultations were sent at the end of this addition there was no response, Copa Airlines.

CASI is just in the certification process in El Salvador, but has already made the first contacts to obtain permits in Costa Rica, said the director of Civil Aviation, Alvaro Vargas.

The company, Vargas added, you can submit all documents to be certified as a foreign operator.

Ticos Air, meanwhile, is in phase three of the evaluation process of documents, said Vargas. He added that stage four is in showing that they have the planes, and training employees, and is the stage prior to granting certification.

Ticos Air meets here the process that leads in his home country of El Salvador CASI.

On the other hand, Civil Aviation said it is awaiting the filing of documents by employers as Ticas Airlines said they are in the process of achieving compliance with requirements and roles.

According to Vargas, the certification process is faster because the airline is based in the authorization that brings to your home country.

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