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Guanacaste Home to New Billion Dollar Amusement Park

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Permits have been processed for a large amusement park in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The project developed by Sun Ranch calls for investments of $1 billion over 15 years and the use of 578 hectares. Construction is slated to start next year, 2013, and be completed in five phases, with the first phase completed in 2016.

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Great theme park comes to Liberia

Who believed that in Liberia, Guanacaste, real estate development is concentrated only in hotels, condominiums, offices and resorts are wrong.

However, all these developments served as collateral for the firm Sun Ranch Limited has decided to lead a risky project, whose construction would take place in the course of 15 years and would mean an investment of $ 1,000 million.

This is a huge theme park that would settle, as designed, on an estate of over 900 hectares, of which 578.7 would be used.

Sun Ranch is the same group that built the Do It Center and which aims to make the second headquarters of Clinica Biblica in reality.

While the hospital with no signs of reactivation, with the crisis of 2009 the construction plans were postponed, for now the firm handles permissions for this large entertainment complex. The ambitious project not only contemplate a play area but also hotels, trade, food areas, offices, shops and function rooms.

This initiative was confirmed by construction entrepreneurs and so stated in documents in the National Environmental Technical Secretariat (Setena). EF queries sent to the representative of Sun Ranch, Mauricio Rivera Lang, but reported that it is outside the country.

Winds renewed
In Guanacaste, and in particular its head Canton, is focusing an interesting portfolio of investment project. One is the Country Club (GCC), led by Frank Biden (brother of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden), Wesley Stumbo (developer partner Bluegrass Equity) and Craig Williamson, a businessman. Would settle on a farm of 834 acres and would cost an estimated $ 106 million.

Williamson said the works would start next year in five phases to complete in 2016. It would have two hotels.

Another initiative that has been said several years ago is Pacific Plaza. Inside will be the headquarters of the Pacific-and Cima Hospital under construction and includes an apartment for outpatient medical and family can stay.

In total, he has said the manager of the company that develops, Paola Vasquez, is that at the end of 2012 begins the second stage. As to the Clinica Biblica Hospital, the CEO, Bernal Aragon, admitted that although he was scheduled to start in 2010 slow recovery signals forced to take the lead at a slower pace .If realized, the hospital would have an area for emergency care, other diagnostic imaging, laboratory, pharmacy, minor surgery rooms and patient monitoring.

Also, would have offices, all for an estimated investment of $ 40 million. On the same property where he was due this hospital is where Sun Ranch seeks to innovate with an amusement park which even are planning to be the first adapted for people with disabilities.

EF tried to talk to Luis Gerardo Castaneda Diaz, mayor of Liberia, but did not return messages left on his cell phone and your office.

Another private hospital is under construction is the San Rafael Archangel, in central Liberia, Guinea pig cost will amount to $ 3, 7 million. His manager, Ronald Guerrero, said that the work will have two operating rooms, a birthing room, hospitalization and observation rooms, emergency room, offices for specialized medical care 24 hours a day.

Substantial investment
As to the amusement park, within 15 years, Sun Ranch plans to build several buildings at a cost similar to that of 25 clinics Bible.

Let’s see.
There would be a theme park called Back at the Movie, a convention center, another park called Village Center, a business hotel, other boutique , private residences, schools and a nature reserve area. That would make six hotels, several different categories and carrying capacity.

The convention center, for example, would cover 5.2 acres with capacity for 3,000 people, whose construction would take between three and seven years. As far as entertainment is concerned, the park would have 73 hectares for an amusement area with rides, stages, theaters, dining area and trade.

In sum, the spaces ready for fun would take place in five stages and between 3 and 15. Would have 20 attractions, 6 stages for performances, 8 buildings for commercial use, 2 to 6 for services and health services.Thus, not only Liberia is becoming a center of attraction, hotel and office, but also fun.

The neighbors are saying
Survey: Developers and owners of Sun Ranch Limited made ​​as part of technical studies, a survey of 76 neighboring communities of Santa Ana and Guard, which would be the closest to the future theme park project.

Services: A consultation on whether the initiative would impact essential services, 42 of the 76 respondents stated that they would impact against 35.5% who did not. In addition, 78.9% thought it would be favorable to the inhabitants of the area a proposal of this nature, 72.4% are in favor of being done.

Water: The survey found that 38.2% of residents concerned that the project will impact the water supply services.Other Topics: The survey also assessed other socioeconomic variables.FuenteSetena, file Sun Ranch.

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