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Have You Tried Guanacaste’s Fastest Growing Sport?

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When tourist season is at its peak in Guanacaste, it’s also the warmest and windiest; a perfect time to take up kiteboarding.

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Kiteboarding in Costa Rica Surges in Popularity

The high tourist season in Costa Rica coincides with Guanacaste’s warmest and windiest months, which also happen to be the best time for kiteboarding (also known as kitesurfing). This adventuresome activity is quickly gaining interest among tourists and residents of Guanacaste, a province that has the best wind, beach and ocean conditions for kiteboarding in Costa Rica.

Now that surfers in Guanacaste are interested in taking the title of “Costa Rica’s surfing mecca” away from Jaco Beach and other beaches along the Central Pacific coast, kiteboarding enthusiasts are planning a similar move. Actually, Guanacaste presents an even better proposition for kiteboarding due to the interesting geographic shape of many of its coastal areas.

The Guanacaste kiteboarding season sometimes lasts a little more than seven months. It begins in November, a time when the torrential rains are receding, and lasts until the end of May and even early June just as the rains return. We are talking about constant, steady winds ideal for kiteboarding; these are not the strong and sloppy storm winds of the rainy or green season in Costa Rica.

In places such as Bahia Salinas, located just south of Costa Rica’s northern border with Nicaragua, the conditions are simply perfect for kiteboarding. This is where the trade winds that come in through the east are funneled into the different valleys flanked by the numerous mountains found in Costa Rica. This is a Venturi effect of sorts, whereby the wind gains kinetic energy as it is squeezed between the mountains and descends into the bay.

Late January wind speed readings in Salinas Bay indicate constant, steady winds near 30 knots. The swells around this time measure about 1.5 meters, which are ideal for windsurfing and kiteboarding alike. One of the best staging areas for experienced riders and learners alike is Playa Cocal, where they have Isla Bolanos and plenty of natural beauty to enjoy during their kiteboarding sessions. Similar conditions can be found in other horseshoe-shaped bays in Guanacaste.

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