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Increased Tourism in Costa Rica Will Increase Real Estate Market According to One Man

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The recent tourist boom in Costa Rica is doing more than expand hotel and travel brands. Ron Olsthoorn, Certified Financial Planner, explains how increased tourism can impact financial planning.

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Ron Olsthoorn: Why Rise in Costa Rica Tourism is Beneficial

Timesunion.com reports that a surge in tourism throughout Costa Rica has resulted in the expansion of hotel and other travel brands across the country. Ron Olsthoorn, a Certified Financial Planner, asserts that the rise in tourism will accomplish more than enhancing the tourist industry—it will improve real estate markets and impact financial planning strategies.

According to the article, all-inclusive travel deals and hotels have expanded to accommodate an increasing number of vacationers who are choosing Costa Rica as their destination. The Tabacon Hot Springs, Arenal Volcano, and various national parks have piqued the interest of many travelers, who have enhanced the local economy through the building of new hotels and other travel services. With lush rainforests and unique wildlife, ecotourism is a particularly important aspect of travel throughout Costa Rica. Additionally, tourists flock to this destination for its more adventurous offerings, including zip lining, rappelling, surfing, horseback riding, etc.

Ron Olsthoorn understands that the obvious consequences of this boom in travel include an improved economy, a stronger tourism market, and the creation of jobs for local residents. But this increased tourist activity will, in the long run, contribute more than hotel expansion to the country of Costa Rica.

“The increase in tourism in Costa Rica will bring along a corresponding desire of individuals to look for and purchase vacation and retirement properties in the area,” comments Ron Olsthoorn. “Costa Rica’s stunning natural environment, pleasurable tropical climate, and very affordable cost of living make it a preferred destination for vacationers and retirees.”

Ron Olsthoorn understands that many individuals wish to retire to a foreign country, particularly one with a tropical climate. As such, the purchase of a second property—or even the complete relocation to a new primary household—is a common event for which financial planners assist their clients in preparing. The spike in tourism in Costa Rica will create an increase in interest regarding the country’s real estate. Overall, an increase in tourism may create an influx of foreign property buyers.

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