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Inflating Tourist Numbers? Small Tourism Businesses Suffer, File Lawsuit Against ICT in Costa Rica

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The blows continue to Costa Rica’s small tourism sector who have suffered economic losses through a government-supported weakening US dollar exchange rate and due to what they believe are unfair tax collections by the Directorate General of Direct Taxation who level taxes with the use of figures from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), who some say have inflated tourism numbers.

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Exchange Rate Strangles Small Tourism Businesses

The Association for the Protection of Tourism (Protur) stated that the exchange rate “down” is in serious trouble for small tourism businesses. For example, they cited that basic services in a small hotel can not afford a rate attached to the lower band. For industry, the ideal would be that the exchange rate is quoted at 550 colones.

Protur projected that if the dollar continues on the floor, between 100 and 150 tourist MSMEs teminarán collapsed. “For the government itself is supporting priority sectors such as the stock market. The Stock Exchange generates revenue for a small group of people, while the tourism sector employs a significant percentage of the population into oblivion, “said Boris Marchegiani, president of Protur.

For the ACL and Protur is time that the government “talk of comprehensive policies,” because the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) has no interference to power sector development.

Lawsuit against ICT on the way
The erroneous data on the amount of tourism revenue to the country led to Protur and the Association of Free Consumers (ACL) to collect documents and file a lawsuit against the Costa Rican Tourism Institute as we reported crhoy.com weeks ago .

Adriana Rojas, ACL lawyer, said the tourism sector has suffered because the Directorate General of Direct Taxation (DGT) collects taxes according to data from the ICT, creating an overpayment for entrepreneurs. Rojas added that the application shall be made in July.

Boris Marchegiani, Protur president added that if no action is taken small tourism businesses will start to close. He said the government’s only response is not satisfactory because it is not a priority. “Don Luis Liberman told us, that those who survive and survive the death of the rest”, he said.

According ACL Protur count conducted by the ICT is inadequate because it takes into account the income of migrants and even people who come to the country for work purposes.

Work of the ICT challenge
To Protur the ICT is not necessary because the campaign promoting the country is unsatisfactory. “Costa Rica with and without ICT will continue to sell in a globalized culture, temperament, culture and attraction policy and alleged ecological sustainability of the country.”

Protur questioning adds that in the last survey Exphore applied to the hotel sector, 48% of respondents described the promotion of the country both nationally and internationally as fair or poor.

Another point which caused discontent in the sector is the occupation, as the only beneficiaries are Marchegiani large hotel because if you have losses, they are diluted among all the chain.

Hotels House defends ICT
The Costa Rican Chamber of Restaurants and Related (Title Co.) and the Costa Rican Chamber of Hotels (CCH) considered risky to draw conclusions based on the opinion of 25 hotels and 25 restaurants, as the country has over 3 000 hotels and over 10 000 food and beverage business.

They also noted that tourism is a dynamic sector in which interfering factors beyond the country to conduct a promotion. “To increase visitation required infrastructure and prices competitive with the region’s major competitors have also made efforts to promote also in other directions and the country has lost ground in these other actions associated with tourism,” they said.

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