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Interjet’s Arrival in Costa Rica Plummets Airfare Costs

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Thank you Interjet and Aeromexico for making it possible to buy a ticket without feeling like you have been robbed at gunpoint. As was the case in other Central American countries with the opening of flights operated by companies outside of the isthmus, in Costa Rica, airline ticket prices for flights from San Jose to Mexico City have fallen by 60%.

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Interjet shakes ticket rates for Mexico

The arrival of Interjet caused ticket prices to Mexico down to around $ 300.
Travel agencies recognize that the company is setting the standard these days.

According to Oscar Solis, Turvisa, it is common for companies in the industry follow in the footsteps of another to make adjustments in price and service.

These movements are common. In the past it was Avianca Taca which set the trend in price, says Ronald Rodriguez, manager of World Expeditions.

Marcela Espinoza, DestinosTV, noted that the prices observed in these days are the lowest in a while.

Meanwhile, Marcela Mainieri, Newfoundland, recognizes that tourists are now much more challenging if travel to Mexico over the issue of security. Business travelers are thus the most use of current conditions.

Oscar Solis, Turvisa, highlights another advantage offered by the airline: operates a very early flight out of Costa Rica, and Mexico’s too late. This allows travelers to stay longer in that country.

Rodriguez, World Expeditions, said they had left the fate of hand, but with lower prices again include it in their package deals.

It is not permanent. Prices may change at any time. An increase in demand or change of season may push the price to $ 700 or up to $ 900 seen earlier this year.

For Mainieri and Espinoza, the low price that many passengers will not be decided by Interjet as many prefer to fly with an airline known. Moreover, insecurity in Mexico remains a major discouraging factor.

A Interjet prices, adds the airline’s revenue. This also is shaping the market.

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