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Investment Surging in Costa Rica’s Special Economic Zone of Cartago

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Urban growth east of the Costa Rican capital is being fueled by investment proposals in the Special Economic Zone of Cartago, home to 61 business members amounting to a value of $1,130,670 and 158 business processes valued at an additional $2,130,000.

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Carthage Investment Ticket

In 2013 the Special Economic Zone of Cartago (ZEEC) seek to consolidate the employment exchange and sit at the negotiating table for the second year to buyers and sellers of investment for the province.

He started just four years ago by the Institute of Technology Cartago to function as driving local investment strategy and local development.At first, the support group was small, including the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Services of Catago and Trade Office, but today more than 40 members from public agencies, municipalities and private enterprise.

The creation of a regional platform to attract investments, generate quality jobs and achieve economic development came first in the country 10 years ago when he started the Zeezn functions, including the North Huetar area.

This project involves the company Ticofrut, Rural Electrification Cooperative of San Carlos (Coopelesca) and the Agency for Regional Development Northern Huétar (EEZ).

Although one of the main objectives, operate an industrial park, is on hold, has managed to coordinate, together with the State, roads, telecommunications and a program to increase competitiveness with the participation of 140 micro.

Greece also wanted to do something similar. At least intended to form a technology park and attract high-value capital. Until this day has not yet managed.

Tools ready
For Carthaginian, the result of efforts to attract investment to the province have been building Walk Metropolis, which will be ready in November and the inauguration of the first phase of Terra Campus Corporate Office Center said Silvia Hidalgo, Director of University Linkage Center -Company of the Tecnológico de Costa Rica.

In civil engineering, the ZEEC has supported the improvement of road infrastructure for access to Carthage: the arrival of the train, which according to the Costa Rica Railway, could be ready later this year.

Hill also said that another goal achieved relates to the purchase of land to build new facilities Max Peralta Hospital and the bridge between Taras and Carthage to facilitate flow of access to the city as will also the paving of the alternate route Coris-Patarrá.

“The future looks to create a science and technology park to allow greater impetus to research and production,” said Hidalgo. Regarding job creation, the Cartago College (CUC) member from the organization and outlines a role in the preparation of the technical offer for companies that choose to invest.Its dean, Mario Morales, said that the academic institution ZEEC joined thinking that once they succeed in attracting more foreign direct investment, the institute can, with their technical careers, becoming a supplier of skilled labor.

30,000 Square feet of rentable building area with Walk Developments Mega Metropolis

$ 1.1million was the value of the concretized business in 2011 in the Meeting of Chains.

It will be a medium-to long term. For now, the CUC has been dedicated to update its academic portfolio, especially in areas that are stronger and electronic systems.

But Morales acknowledges that other fields could generate pressure for labor and management and research.

The CUC has seven career technical and behaving as the market goes, its academic offerings will remozándose.It is a labor that could eventually absorb Walk Metropolis.

Jose Gerardo Chavarria, president of Mega Developments (mall owner), recalled that the ZEEC is an excellent initiative because it is led by the TEC and not by local governments or the Central. These changes, while the university remains at the time, he said.

The employer is convinced that the mall will be the spearhead for other investments close as has happened with Paseo de las Flores in Heredia. Even they themselves could lead to further development in the future if it manages to make a second stage.

For him, one of the great benefits that the Carthaginians will no longer have to go to San Jose to eat or entertain.

Firm linkages
To attract investment, industry and production is required. Therefore, the Foreign Trade Promoter (Procomer) signed a cooperation agreement with representatives of the TEC to stimulate attraction of investments, the chain of companies and the consolidation of foreign and domestic investment.

Was taken so seriously that even appointed an official to be permanently in the TEC and is responsible for following up on this and other initiatives that arise.

This was stated Rolando Double, director of the Export Chains Procomer.

The goal is not only creating jobs and fostering strategic alliances, but the domestic industry more competitive and add value to exports policies.

As a result of this union between Procomer and TEC, double last year was held the First Meeting of Cartago Chains, with very good unplug-lace.

This activity is managed to make 61 business amounting to $ 1,130,670 and 158 business process and worth $ 2,130,000.

Next year, for the second meeting of Chains, the expectation is higher.In his view, TEC’s academic experience, coupled with these efforts link between foreign and domestic investment with local industry, will make the ZEEC be consolidated.

In four years
Members: The ZEEC has over 40 members, among them are the TEC, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Services in Carthage, state banks, JASEC, municipality of Cartago, El Guarco, La Union, Oreamuno and Paradise, Baxter, Cartago Industrial Park, Cinépolis, INA, Terra Campus, Procomer, Ministries of Finance and Economics.

Structure: It has an executive council headed by the TEC. The ZEEC public interest was declared by the Legislature.

Carbon neutral: One goal is to become the first carbon neutral province. It also works with the International Labour Organization and the Ministry of Labor in the formation of an employment brokerage scheme to unite all the job boards in the province.

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