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Is Costa Rica Home to the Best Performing Tourism Operators?

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Despite constant statements coming from the Costa Rican National Chamber of Tourism on the nation’s unstable and unprofitable tourism sector, nine out of ten tourism operators are satisfied with their business performance.

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Tourism Businessmen More Optimistic Than Thought

Despite constant statements of the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur) on sector instability, nine out of ten employers say the Guild profitability of their business is “fair” to “very good”.

Canatur asked the EC Group company prospects a survey of its members on profitability, employment and demand for tourist services in total 120 shops were consulted during the third week of October every sector belong to the chamber (hosting , tour operators, travel agencies, car rentals and restaurants).

The results show positive opinions on the profitability of the business and employment, even if the demand for services is lower in the years before the crisis.

Juan Carlos Ramos, president of Canatur, said the data surprised, because despite the impact of the exchange rate, the high cost of services and the fluctuations in the base rate, the entrepreneurs have managed to be efficient in their business.

Profitability and stable employment
According to the perception of the 120 tourism businesses surveyed, 87% rated the profitability of your business between “regular” and “very good.” Data suggests that 47% identified performance as “good”, 29% ” Regular “, 10%” very good “, 7%” bad “, the same percentage who described it as” very bad “.

The agencies and tour operators who were rated in the highest percentage return on “regular” to “very good”, with 96% and 92% respectively, while the lowest indicator was registered in the rent a car and restaurants with 75% the views.

For Planning Unit, the 100% of employers rated the South Pacific returns “regular” to “very good”, if not to the Caribbean, where there was less favorable perception.

With regard to employment, 69% believe that it will keep its payroll, 18% expected increase and only 13% said they will reduce the number of its employees.

The sector noted the highest rate of increase in payroll was to rent a car, while 50% of the restaurants surveyed stated that staff decrease, possibly due to the impact it will have the vote of the Constitutional Court with the inclusion of the tips as part of wages.

The northern zone is the region with the highest perception of increased payroll, and that 25% of respondents planned to increase staff, otherwise the Central Pacific, where 23% will decrease the number of employees.

Demand without recovery after crisis
The third variable of the study shows that the 70% of respondents felt that the arrival of tourists was higher before the crisis of 2008-2009 compared to today, while only 21% believe that the demand is greater in this .

The chief of Canatur considered that tourism visitation has not decreased, but increased the supply and therefore perceived that demand has not improved.

The hospitality sector and the Central Pacific region are strongest, since 62% and 77% respectively, indicated that visitation was much higher before the period of the global financial crisis of 2008.

Ramos reiterated that beyond the study results, which demonstrates the profitability of regular is very good and the factor sector employment will remain stable, it is clear that the actions of the country by increasing their demand should be further strengthened, since this depends largely on the growth of the tourism industry in Costa Rica.

“The company has to do their own marketing, professionalize your business and always bet on domestic tourism, not only in low season”, external.

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