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It Costs More to Eat Out, But Inflation Drops from 5.82% to 4.74% in 2011

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Even though it cost more to eat out, drink a soda and see a movie, Costa Rica closed the year with a lower inflation rate, 4.74% a slight decrease from the previous year, which had a rate of 5.82%.

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Costa Rica ended 2011 with inflation of 4.74%
Costa Rica closed last year with 4.74% inflation, a figure that remained within the Central Bank estimates that established a target range of 4 to 6%, reported Tuesday by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC). In December, the price variation was 0.92%, the highest of the year, said the institution.

In 2010, Costa Rica registered an inflation rate of 5.82%, according to INEC press release.

“The cumulative variation from January to December 2011 the General Index was 4.74%, 1.08 percentage points lower than the variation of the same period last year (5.82%),” noted the information.

Food and soft drinks, eating out and entertainment and culture were the items that affected the price hike.

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