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Limon Costa Rica Site of New Multimillion Dollar Industrial Park

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A Venezuelan investment group with $50 million to spend has plans to develop an industrial project, under the free zone concept, in Limon, Costa Rica. Their project is known as Multimodal Buffalo Park, and comprises an area of ​​50 hectares, of which 100 lots will be dedicated for industrial purposes.

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Venezuelan invest U.S. $ 50 million in Costa Rica

A Venezuelan group will develop an industrial project, under the free zone concept in Limon, which will invest about $ 50 million.

It consists of Isiven, a company that entered the country in 2007 after winning a draft Recope, and invests its profits in promoting new business in the country’s poorest province.

For Limon, the arrival of South American group is synonymous with new sources of employment, which will open between 600 and a thousand places.

The project, to be called Multimodal Buffalo Park comprises an area of ​​50 hectares, which enabled 100 lots for industrial purposes.

Although just Isiven refines the design and initiate steps to obtain the permits already committed about 15% of available space by companies interested in setting up in the zone.

Sweden’s Volvo is one of the companies that have pledged their word to be installed in Limon, to finish assembling their teams around heavy machinery, said Claudio Ramirez, sales director of Isiven in Costa Rica.

Fandec Venezuelan companies as dedicated to the production of cardboard boxes and aluminum packing pizzas and other foods and Inablo manufacturer of products for the pastry industry are also awaiting the construction of the zone to settle in the country.

Isiven it will build a machine shop to supply from Limon has operations in Curacao, Venezuela and Colombia.

The industrial complex will have a call center, which is estimated between 200 and 400 open jobs, ahead of Ramirez.

Also the company executives to open operations in the Multimodal Park Buffalo will have a boutique hotel.

The start of operations of the group Isiven zone depend on how quickly obtain permits and construct the facility.

“We are against time, and there are companies interested and instead are asking us to do so quickly,” said commercial director of the company.

The growth potential offered by Lemon is it about the Venezuelan group in efforts to expand in the province, told Sunday Plaz, operations manager.

The refinery, the Container Port, Puerto Limon City are some of the attractions listed Plaz on the province, besides the fact that enters and leaves around 80% of the merchandise in the country.

Isiven, whose business is focused on the construction of storage tanks for the oil, petrochemical and energy, arrived at Lemon Recope hand by winning the construction of a collection tank of diesel with a capacity of 200,000 barrels

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