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Monitoring Property Movements in Costa Rica Goes Digital

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Starting May 1st, the National Registry of Costa Rica will offer a property alert service which will give owners greater control of their assets. The government hopes to prevent more people from losing land through mortgages or fraudulent sales, crimes that are learned possibly months or even years later.

Original Article Text From Nacion via Google Translate :

From 1. May Day, the National Registry will enable a new service to monitor movements in the properties.

Alert Registry will be called and will be available to anyone who wants more control over their personal property (vehicles) and property (land).

Receive notices, interested parties will cost $ 15 per year (7700 ¢) for each of the properties you want to monitor.

In this way, is to prevent more people lose land through mortgages or fraudulent sales, crime will learn possibly months or even years later.

According Dagoberto Sibaja, director of the National Registry, each year there are hundreds of complaints about these events, which often resolve after long and complicated process.

The alert system registry will allow greater control over the assets and thus put obstacles to the scammers.

Osvaldo Henderson, Deputy Prosecutor Fraud, recognized that although these measures will not stop the crime, they contribute to prevent it.

He said the country operate in organized groups for this type of crime.

How it works The mechanism consists of three types of alerts.

The first notice when the application for registration of a sale or mortgage of property, through instant messages to email the owner.

Thus, in case of fraud, the owner may perform the immobilization time, while the events are cleared.

The second alert, inform the person when you register and a final document will provide data on the burden that will weigh on the property.

For now, the only gateway to the service registry is the web page of the National Register (www.rnpdigital.com).

Sibaja said that the fraud currently enrolled goods from port extraregistral occur, ie outside the institution.

This was confirmed by Hernando Paris, Minister for Justice and Peace, stating that in 2011 “there was not a single allegation of fraud registration attributable to actions of officers in the Registry” ¨.

At home, work and several companies that also offer the monitoring service properties. However, Sibaja said he did not have any relation with the registry nor have access to your database.

The system will enter operation is only monitoring and alerting of changes, but will not prevent fraud if the owner does not act in time to protect their property.

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