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New Business Center in Costa Rica Holds $35 Million Price Tag

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Three, six story buildings make up the New $35 Million Sigma Business Center, to be inaugurated in April 2013 in Costa Rica. Two of the buildings are to be used for class A office rentals in sizes that go from 160 square meters upwards. The third building is devoted to parking, which has a total capacity of 750 spaces.

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Owners of Mall San Pedro Office Center Built Adjacent

Since last February 2, the field located to the west side of San Pedro Mall , is preparing to house the new office center Sigma Business Center. The development will be under the same group that owns the Mall San Pedro, confirmed to The Financial company spokesman Guido Granados.

According to Granados, this is a project of three buildings with six stories high each and 50,000 square meters of construction. Two of the buildings will be used for class A office rent in sizes that go from 160 square meters onwards . The third building is devoted to parking, which in total will add 750 private spaces.

Granados said the office center costs about $ 35 million and is funded by the National Bank.Daniel Solano, Sigma Business Center manager, said that in total will cost 20,000 square meters and is expected to enter the market in about 14 or 15 months.

As for prices, Solano said to be the same market. Data from real estate firm Colliers International talk about an average of $ 20.37 per square foot development class A and A +.Sigma Business Center will focus on multinational clients, will have its own data center and provide service options (banks, pharmacies, insurance companies, etc..) on the first floor of each building.

The proximity to most universities and the Mall San Pedro are the main advantages include Solano and Granados in the location of this new office center.

Sigma Business Center was designed by international architectural firm Gensler and is being built by Van der Laat & Jimenez. To the east and west

The new development joins other recently announced as the Murano Square in Santa Ana
The project is run by Nexus Developments and cost $ 20 million. Silvana Battle, director of sales for the company, said it is a complex of 12,300 square meters, with nine floors of office class A +, 449 parking spaces and a shopping plaza.

This center will have 12 local and casual restaurants and convenience stores.The idea is to start operating from June 2013.Also, this Sigma Business Center will have significant competition in the face of Terra Campus (next to Terramall), Tower Barcelona (Guadeloupe) and Business Park East (Tibás).

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