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Nicaragua Ups Costa Rica Bus Fee Five Fold in Reaction to Border Dispute

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An environmental border dispute between Nicaragua and Costa Rica has resulted in the Nicaraguan Ministry of Transport taking financial action. This week they announced a five-fold increase in its daily fee for Costa Rican tourist busses from $43.8 to $219. The higher rates lasts through the end of 2011.

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Tax fivefold Nicaragua, Costa Rica Tourist Transportation

Managua, Dec 14 (DPA) – Tensions between Nicaragua and Costa Rica for a continued border dispute escalated, following the announcement today the Managua government’s decision to quintuple tax on a tour bus from the southern neighbor, as local media reported.

The measure consists in a resolution of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MTI) of Nicaragua, reported by the newspaper “El Nuevo Diario”, which mandates increased from 1,000 to 5,000 cordobas (from 43.8 to 219 dollars) the collection from Costa Rican tourist buses per day of stay in this country.

According to the report, each tour bus to go to Nicaragua “foreign registration plate and plate” must pay this tax at the customs border of Peñas Blancas, said the source. Quoted by the newspaper, the CEO of MTI in the southern province of Rivas, Francisco Cuendis, confirmed the arrangement but said that the new tariff will be valid “only during the holiday season and year-end.”

He also noted that MTI banned from bus owners who service between Nicaragua and Costa Rica increase the cost of season tickets, which is currently $ 20, anticipating a rate hike as a result of the surprise move. The increase in the tariff case at times of diplomatic tension, following the construction by Costa Rica of a road nearly 130 miles above the right bank of the Rio San Juan border and led to angry protests from Nicaragua.

The government of Daniel Ortega said that the work road will cause serious environmental damage because the machines are throwing waste and sediment into San Juan, which makes cleaning Nicaragua through a process of dredging for more than a year. However, President Laura Chinchilla said yesterday that no dialogue with Nicaragua on road because it has not complied with the provisions of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to refrain from entering a disputed territory, a swampy area of three square kilometers along the common border.

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