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Ship Before March 2012: Container Tariffs Increase in Costa Rica

Article Summary:

Shipping fees are not regulated by Costa Rican law, and shipping companies are on the move to increase their rates. Consumers should expect a tariff increase of around $800 by March 2012.

Original Article Text From El Financiero via Google Translate :

Shipping At $ 800 Plan To Increase Import Tariffs Increase Would Go Into Effect In Marzo 1

Import tariffs by shipping companies operating on their soil may suffer an increase from 18 to March, $ 800 per container. This was announced by the Costa Rican Chamber of Exporters (CRECEX) and confirmed by two shipping companies operating in ground costarricense.

Rene Gross, sales manager of the shipping company Crowley, said such an increase is due to an increase in operating costs and that it is not until you apply definitely.

“From now to March anything can happen, can increase demand and would not apply for example, but as they are the actual conditions themselves will take place,” said Gross.

Meanwhile, King Ocean shipping company, notified of the increase to their users via an official statement, leaving notes that the new rates will apply to all contracts of service (containers of 20, 40 and 45 feet).

“We can not ensure that this increase is going to apply all carriers operating in the country but it is very likely that when one applies it, others will too. This is not a joint decision but due to a market decision, “he added.

Tarifas Importers Chamber this rate increase would represent a blow to importers costarriceses, so it should be an issue taken the negotiating table.

“We see no reason to raise prices in this way, this is a cost to be transferred to the final consumer and which will be reflected in a further increase in the prices of the goods”, stressed Luis Fernando Monge, executive director of Crecex.El handling the shipping fees are not regulated by any Costa Rican law, so that importers are at the expense of what they decide CRECEX navieras.

Furthermore companies, the current rates for imported container ranging from the $ 1,400 to $ 2,500, depending on size.

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