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Stepping Up Its International Promotion; Costa Rica To Hire PR Firm and Create Social Media Campaign

Article Summary:

Costa Rica is initiating a two-step process to increase its presence in the international tourism market. Up first is the hiring of an out-of-country public relations firm to begin a full-game media blitz. Second is a internet social media tourism campaign.

Original Article Text From El Financiero via Google Translate :

ICT injected ¢ 148 Million to International Promotion

Between February and March, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) is scheduled to award the implementation of two projects to promote the country as a tourist destination in the markets of greatest potential.

The hiring process for ¢ 140 million agency tour operator that meets international journalists visiting the country invited by the local authorities could be resolved during the second week of March.

The deadline for proposals is open until 9 February.

To have a presence in the global news agenda , the Institute expects this year to exceed the number of 56 representatives of newspapers, magazines and other media who visited the country in 2010 .”The articles written by this means, are stories that generate a lot of credibility, since in many cases, journalists convey the experiences in the country, encouraging tourists to visit the destination.

The effect is very positive , since have high exposure of the destination and its diversity and the different activities that develop tourism and lodging facilities, “said Ireth Rodriguez, marketing director of ICT.

For information and selecting the ICT media is supported by the PR agency for the United States, Canada and Europe, and in collaboration with the embassies of Costa Rica and abroad.Agencies that win the contract must provide transportation and care of the journalists who participate in the tours of ICT.

Online Promotion
The second tender is recruiting conducting a campaign that promotes tourism investment attraction to the country , using the Internet and focusing on priority markets for Costa Rica , and could be defined during the coming days.

“With the technology we have identified the cities in each country who are more interested in investing in Costa Rica. In addition, this project is responsible for managing the Facebook page and web site in which the investor is registered , “said Rodriguez .¢ About 8 million will be used to finance the plan.

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