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Sustainable Tourism in Jeopardy in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is known as an ecotourism hot spot, but continual lack of concern for environmental destruction and degradation is putting this title in jeopardy.

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Caring for the goose that lays golden eggs

Do not say that the natural wealth of Costa Rica leaves no revenue : first place in the top ten of the most popular adventure destinations in the world by International Business Times magazine, host for the 2013 of the largest international event of adventure, the Adventure Race World Championship 2013, Travel Weekly Readers Choice Award as the best destination in Central and South America and one of the top 10 honeymoon destinations according to Modern Bride magazine.

In Latin America, Costa Rica is a nation that has positioned its brand best destination with the successful slogan of “No Artificial Ingredients”, according to a study by the consultancy FutureBrand and BBC International . It is precisely tourism products associated with our attractive nature, we have worked.

Just shop around EXPOTUR, tourism marketing bag of Costa Rica, to realize that what promotes the market, whether the company is located on the beach, the mountains or the city, is the natural resource in all forms and across the country.

So it remains an alert when there are cases of destruction or environmental degradation (deforestation, pollution, destruction of wetlands, etc..), as not only affect our natural resources and the benefits they generate, but also Costa Rica’s image as a tourist destination and revenues the country receives for that.

In the Environmental Performance Index, 2012 , study prepared every two years at Yale and Columbia universities, Costa Rica lost two places to go from having a rating of 86.4 points to one of 69.03 points. While still among the world’s countries with better environmental performance is not good for a nation that has traditionally been a reference in the subject and has to sectors such as tourism living it.

To date, over 200 tourism businesses have different categories of Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) at the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo , which means that drive processes and environmental and social initiatives internally in the organization and in your area influence.

A survey I conducted with different companies in CST who participated in the last edition of EXPOTUR, showed varied responses on why sustainability processes follow. The reasons were: customers demand it (mainly European wholesale or corporate clients), savings in the operation of the company preferential treatment in tourism fairs, conviction of environmental responsibility, a hallmark and even a factor of motivation among employees, that ultimately leads to better service and higher sales.

Even those not convinced of the benefit said they did so because they could not keep up, recognizing the seal on sustainability as an issue of market differentiation to its competitors , but not both at present, possibly in the future.

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