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Tension on the Rise at Panama-Costa Rican Border as Access Is Blocked

Article Summary:

Panama says it is a drug trafficking route, Costa Rica says it’s an access point for Ticos to run errands in Panama; either way, several dirt crossing paths at the Paso Canoas border are now blocked with earthen mounds.

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Original Article Text From Nacion via Google Translate :

Ticos Blocked With Earth Happened to ‘Mall’ Panama

Residents of Paso Canoas, on the southern border, respond to the actions of the State Border Service of Panama (SENAFRONT) and blocked with mounds access to Citi Mall shopping center

This store, located on the Panamanian side, is frequently visited by tourists for shopping.

The pulse, along five miles of the border, began 15 days ago, when the stones and chains SENAFRONT placed at points where they cross usually Rican to run errands, buy fuel and socialize.

The Civic Committee of Paso Canoas and some neighbors put on the evening of Tuesday, earth mounds, using five trucks.

According to the Panamanian police, five points in this border area are used by Costa Ricans to the drug trade and smuggling of goods.

The Ticos area Panamanian refute arguments.

“Drugs, smuggling and illegal come from Panama and not from our country. That head of State Border Service, the surname Gonzalez is deceived. I do not know where this thing was invented to close the border, “said a Costa Rican citizen who lives in the area of ​​Little Crow, and who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals.

Looking solution. The inhabitants, both Panama and the Costa Rican soil, expect the solution to the problem promptly.

“For years we lived as brothers, but for the past year things have changed here. Before we could move within a radius of 500 meters, not now, “said Agustin Vargas Panama.

“Costa Rica and Panama should sit down and find a solution to this problem,” said Gabriel Pitty Panama also.

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