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Top iPhone Apps for Costa Rica

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This list of the top iPhone apps for Costa Rica will maximize your Pura Vida lifestyle.

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Top 5 Best iPhone Apps for Costa Rica Living or Vacations

Whether you are in Costa Rica on vacation, relocated permanently, or just find yourself here for work or meetings, these top 10 best iPhone apps will help you through your experience. Some of them are utilities, others are strictly for entertainment when the power is out, some you may have already heard of. But together, these make up a list of the must have iPhone applications. Download all of them to maximize your Pura Vida in any scenario.

Flashlight App by iHandy
Probably the single most important application you can get on the app store for living in Costa Rica. The iPhone 5 has a very intense bright camera flash that is utilized to illuminate entire rooms using this excellent application. If the power goes out or you just need to find your way to the car in a storm, this app is by far the best. There are 10 different settings and a gauge to increase the light intensity from mild to sunlight bright.
Waze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic App

The roads of Costa Rica are notoriously unfriendly, and definitely not marked well for people new to any area of the country. Never get lost again trying to find that hidden restaurant in the hills or the directions to your hotel booking. WAZE is a very widely adopted community navigation and traffic application, that also happens to be very social and has highly interactive and comprehensive maps.

FREE Calls in North America with magicJack App
Never pay long distance fees again to call your friends or family in the US or Canada, use this app to call any number in North America for free, as long as you have access to Wifi or Internet in some other format through your iPhone. Internet access equals unlimited free calls, ditch the crazy long distance fees from land lines and your old cell phone, and get an iPhone to use this awesome application.

WhatsApp Text and Image Messenger App
Use your existing phone number and text images and messages internationally to other WhatsApp users without long distance fees. Basically this acts as global text messaging without having to have access to the internet, 3G works fine, and the messages and texts are received by other users of the app without delay. Like a more intimate version of instant messaging without all the noise and clutter from people you really don’t want to speak with. Keep your WhatsApp list of contacts to friends and family and you will have the best experience streamlining global conversation.

Netflix Streaming TV and Video App
If you have a Kolbi 3G enabled iPhone here in Costa Rica you should take full advantage of the Netflix app, your first month is free to stream all movies, videos, and TV series. If the power goes out at your house or hotel room, and you still have 3G access on your iPhone, you can keep watching entertainment. The awesome thing about 3G coverage is that many beach areas have amazing service quality throughout Costa Rica, as the number of people using each cell network tower decreases as you head out of the Central Valley of San Jose.

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