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Uh Oh! Costa Rica Institute of Tourism Accused of Falsely Inflating Its Numbers

Article Summary:

Allegations are flying against the Costa Rica Institute of Tourism for falsely inflating tourism figures over the last few months, according to the president of an industry association which represents more than 500 small businesses engaged in the hospitality and entertainment sector of Costa Rica.

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Protur require ICT to present information to the Fictional

he Association for the Protection of Tourism (Protur) require the State and the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) for giving misleading information about accommodation in the country, which resulted in a glut of hotels and a number of small businesses are not indebted your business grow.

Boris Marchegiani, Protur president, said the ICT has significantly inflated the number of tourists entering the country and urged banks to develop loan products for small entrepreneurs to expand their ability to housing, creating a space impossible to sustain with demand entering the country.

“Denounce the ICT for submitting false information, which generated a sequence of construction, which has led to an oversupply of rooms with a deficit of tourists, the figure of 2.1 million tourists a year that gives the ICT is false” Marchegiani said.

Juan Ricardo Fernández, President of the Association of Free Consumers, shares the position and supports the denucia Protur be submitted by the entity, adding that the ICT “embarked on a series of hotel operators to increase capacity.”

Such denunciation shall also facing some banks. Although Fernandez declined to give names of companies, did say that there are four entities that are already in demand.

Both Fernandez and Marchegiani, were emphatic that the ICT turned his gaze to the big investors and left protection for small and medium businesses, with small hotels can not compete.

Small businesses affected
Sivile Mafalda, is a neighbor of Moravia and acquired a loan from a bank to build its own business, a “Bed & breakfast.” Recently, it was enlarged with another loan, but the occupation in his business is down significantly and sometimes just comes out with the monthly repayments.

“Like me, all tourism operators, we see an oversupply, everyone is aware that the hotel corporations, market absorb tourists entering the country,” said Sivile.

Like her, there are other similar cases that support the amendment to tourism law (draft sleeping “the sleep of the just” in the Legislative Assembly) that ICT will require the collaboration to succeed.

We consulted the ICT on the subject, however, through his press office, we were informed that no one would attend our clinics, because “as the complaint was not filed yet, no one can refer to the issue,” said Mary Jesus Flores, journalist of the entity.

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