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Want Good News? Publish Your Own Newspaper

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With claims that the Government of Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla have failed for the past two years to communicate the administration’s achievements, the executive created her own newspaper as a means to convey “good news.”

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Executive Creates its Own Newspaper to Convey ‘Good News’

The Presidential House launched its own digital newspaper, to convey to citizens government news with “a positive approach to information.”

It is an alternative for people
The information space emerged last Thursday, two months after a Unimer survey indicated that more than half of Costa Ricans qualify as poor or very poor job of President Laura Chinchilla.

The official newspaper called The News and can be viewed on the website www.lanoticia.cr .

Its director is the journalist Mario Aguilar, chief of the Presidential Press and its content comes from the “good news” that generate public institutions, according to words of Aguilar.

“(The newspaper) is a reaction to the recognition that the Government has done that bad things have communicated. We have recognized that, indeed, we lacked communication and this is a tool to communicate better, “Aguilar said yesterday.

“You can not violate the editorial line of a means to get news as one would like. Many times you wish we could focus on aspects of what is being done in the government and not on what needs to be done, “Aguilar said, explaining the reasons that prompted this idea.

After navigating the digital newspaper, The Nation was found that nowhere is it clear to readers who are at an official media produced by the Chinchilla administration.

“It’s a marketing strategy. We want people sitting in a media without the rigidity that holds get into an official page, “he said, in this regard, the paper’s editor.

This is one of several ideas that manages the government to try to improve their image with the public. In the coming days, the Presidential Palace is also launching a TV show to air on Channel 13, announced Aguilar, without delving into details.

The digital newspaper production and the new program will be delivered by television journalists and producers working in the Presidential and pose no additional costs, said Aguilar.

In May, the Minister of Communication, Francisco Chacon, the Government had accepted that he failed to communicate its achievements to the public, especially in economic matters. But also attributed some responsibility to all communicators.

“Not only me or the Government, but all communicators. We are not transmitted to the Costa Rican reality, “Chacon said the weekly El Financiero. Yesterday was not possible to speak with him.

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