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Want a Side of Tofu with Your “Pura Vida” Lifestyle?

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Costa Rica embraces the Pura Vida lifestyle, but the country is now also hitching a ride on the new global trend of wellness tourism, where vacationers are seeking relaxation through spa, yoga, Pilates, heath seminars, and other wellness services.

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Wellness Tourism Opens New Niches

Less than a year ago, James Taylor created the company focused Powered Vacations tour packages that offer services such as pilates, meditation, relaxation, yoga and fitness.

According to the businessman, the idea of ​​creating this company stems from the global trend that, in their opinion, is growing, and is widespread concern about health and wellness. This is a potential and growing market.

To Marisia Jimenez, director of Asclepius Wellness Center, located in Alajuela, also marked the widespread growth of people seeking a different tourism.

This led her to specialize in the field of natural medicine and naturopathy, Asclepius and found in 2009, which offers massages, spa , sauna, acupuncture and yoga, among others.

This new trend in services mainly focused spa , yoga, pilates, relaxation, healthy food and other services, the trend worldwide are called wellness (wellness).

To Asclepius and Poweres Vacations, most customers are visitors from the United States, between 25 and 50 years, and the peak coincides with the national market, between December and April.

“It has maintained the level of clientele has not uploaded or downloaded. I think part of it is because this is a very new service in the country and we have to make it known, “says Jimenez.

According to data from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), in the area of Non-Resident Survey for the period 2009-2011, the niche of being the travelers who expressed are making some of the following activities: health, spa and hot springs.

The number of people who received some of these activities ranged from 42,000 to 72,000 in the period 2009-2001.

Ireth Rodriguez subgerenta and ICT Marketing Director, explains that while there is no institutional record of the number of companies that offer wellness , the figures do point to a rise in the number of tourists who come looking for this type of experience.

“It shows an increase of more than 2.4 million people who say they are interested in activities related to welfare, from 10.7 million people to 13.1, according to a study by Travel Style” said Rodriguez .

“This is because, he added that globally there is a tendency for people to seek healthier ways to live and find spaces to relieve stress of daily activities and also find space for care of your body and mind “.

“Many, mainly housing and medical tourism have on your grill with wellness tourism activities. The hotel offers on its menu spa , yoga, massage, hot springs and mud baths, for example, although there is no information on the relationship of medical tourism-tourism wellness , said Tatiana Cascante, deputy director of the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur)

Niche to explore
For the doctor Christian Rivera, coordinator of Costa Rica Blue-private initiative that seeks alliance between micro-, tourism wellness has not been exploited in the country.

“It is a field that is not only innovative, it is an opportunity for the growth process that the country deserves and has not been exploited. There are initiatives in terms of wellness , but there are many concepts that can be exploited, not only massage, “he said.

Rivera notes that the country has all the conditions to exploit this type of tourism: weather conditions, political stability, social security, and infrastructure expertise of professionals.

“What is needed is to create an image as a destination for wellness , mercadearnos and let us know in the world. Green Tourism frog worked, but we are running on a flat service concept, “said Rivera.

Ireth Rodriguez notes that “ICT has been working on the promotion of wellness tourism in producing digital print and distribute promotional fairs and accessed from the corporate website offering wellness options in the country.”

Types wellness
Organic Food: People look different and healthier options on the menus of restaurants. Something that hotels could start implementing.

Holistic Health: Consists of yoga, meditation, massage, spa, acupuncture and alternative health therapies.

Tourism dream Conditioning equipment and rooms to provide an experience of relaxation and enjoyment of sleep.

Marathons: It is massive physical activities that could be developed in the north or Guanacaste.

Gluten free: celiac Tourists can find sightseeing options and menus tailored to your health needs.

Chronic: People with cardipatías, diabetes, hypertension and chronic kidney disease, and medications may obtain services within the hotels.

Retirement: One of the biggest potential areas that could develop as Guanacaste. It is expected that half of the U.S. population. UU. is above 50.

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