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Wanted: New Owner for Costa Rican Mega Resort

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Hacienda Pinilla, a mega resort located in Guanacaste, is up for auction. Owners are planning a public auction in Texas where the resort will be offered in its entirety and seven sub-plots.

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Auction Hacienda Pinilla is Delayed Until May 2013

The auction sale of mega resort Hacienda Pinilla , located in Santa Cruz de Guanacaste, this was not November 15 as originally scheduled, for United Country, the firm in charge of the process, extended the process of due diligence .

The new date of the event is set for May 15, 2013.

According to a statement issued by United Country, and there are 25 approved and qualified investors. However, the interest of other investment groups made ​​redefine date.

EF As reported last September, the HG Pattillo American businessman, owner of Hacienda Pinilla, decided to sell the 1,800 acres that make up the project because its 86 years wants to ensure the continuity of development, through the incorporation of a new investor to the company that manages it today, Agroganadera Pinilla, SA

With this intention, Pattillo has hired U.S. real estate. United Country, which, in alliance with Colliers International, a live auction take place on November 15 in Dallas, Texas.

According to the press release, the marketing page created for the project, www.HaciendaPinillaAuction.com , has been seen by nearly 10,000 visitors from 102 countries. Via the site and other marketing methods, more than 325 potential investors, developers and brokers have been identified and accounted for the sale process.

“The largest group of potential investors, we have adopted a highly qualified groups to participate in next stage of private sales,” said Mike Jones, president of Country Auction Services, a division of United Country.

“These groups are continuing their due diligence and evaluation. We are considering this small select group to identify and choose the best partner for Hacienda Pinilla from this point forward, “he added.

Hacienda Pinilla will be offered in its entirety and in seven plots. The larger space measuring just over 1542 hectares and includes the eastern and northern part of the property.

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