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Will there ever be a Southern Airport in Costa Rica?

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The Costa Rican Government’s initiative to build an airport in the south of the country does not have the approval of the tourism industry or environmental groups, raising the question if this airport will ever be built.

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New airport in the South raises concern of businessmen and environmentalists

Osa avoid becoming a new Guanacaste is the slogan of entrepreneurs and environmentalists who sharpen their arguments and coordinate efforts to oppose the government’s plan to build a new airport in the Southern Zone.

The environmental hit the building and its operation can be generated on the adjacent wetland Térraba-Sierpe is a concern. But the main effect is that the airport could have on the development of the tourism industry, consisting mainly of small businesses.

Currently the area businesses benefit from the natural, archaeological and historical cultural to attract visitors.

The future, as envisaged by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) will focus on the development of ecotourism. “The vision is related to the development of products related to ecotourism, marine life observation, rural tourism, archeology and fishing among others who use the wealth of attractions in the region,” said Allan Flores, Minister of Tourism.

It’s the same with northern entrepreneurs Southerners and environmental organizations. The difference is in the optimal path. “Here we still have the opportunity to develop the area in a different way, protecting the environment and giving a good quality of life for people. An international airport just makes it a place as any, “he argued Merlyn Oviedo, Danta Corcovado Lodge.

Tourists visiting the South Pacific represent between 5% and 8% of all foreigners entering the country annually. Between 70,000 and 120,000 overnight stays in some of the 359 companies that have hosting with Buenos Aires, Golfito, Osa and Coto Brus, as estimated by the ICT. On average, these hotels have 11 rooms, a sure sign that the tourism industry has developed in the hands of small businesses.

The more tourists landing in a new airport could change the landscape.”An international airport for more green is, by its nature could not survive on tourism that attracts the area at this time. would take a massive tourism, hotel chains and international franchise entry to make them economically viable. Osa Osa would no longer would be another Guanacaste, “accused Alejandra Monge, Corcovado Foundation.

Guanacaste is noted as an example of everything that does not want those who oppose the construction of a new terminal in the South.

To accommodate these concerns the Directorate General of Civil Aviation under the scale of the original blueprint for a mega international airport is a facility dedicated to serving charter and corporate aviation.”This track is 1,500 meters shorter than the Daniel Oduber Airport. The Terminal is four or five times smaller.

The idea is not to repeat the pattern of Guanacaste in the South, ever, “said Luis Carlos Araya, Director General of Civil Aviation.

The amendments have failed to placate the opposition. Some organizations do not want a new airport in the south. Instead call for greater investment in existing infrastructure such as roads and airfields already in operation.” We see more feasible to improve the infrastructure of the Quepos airport that will bring a larger aircraft, “said Juan Carlos Ramos, president of the National Chamber of Tourism.

Uncomfortable neighbor
In the environmental field the proximity of the wetland Sierpe-Térraba with the field selected to build the new facility creates desosiego among conservationists. This wetland, which should be protected by the Government of Costa Rica in accordance with the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance or Ramsar Convention , is the refuge of many species of birds and other wildlife.”This is the largest wetland on the Pacific coast,” specified Mauricio Alvarez, Oilwatch Costa Rica.

By the time opponents of the airport project have limited their activities to monitoring the progress of the plan, to create Facebook groups and workshops scheduled consultation with the public to determine the acceptability of the new airport. The Government has managed to recruit the support of several of the mayors of the region and looking calm things down while the project is still in preliminary studies.

In study
The project is a priority on the agenda of Civil Aviation, and has taken more speed to the inauguration of the new facilities at the airport Daniel Oduber in Liberia.At present the Government with assistance from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is the process for receipt of tenders for conducting environmental impact studies and social.

The bid is an international process and terms of the cartel can be accessed on the site www.icao.int/procurement/ , after passing the registration process.The deadline for receipt of tenders closed on 27 this month and according to information available at the contract begins October 15 and will run for six months.

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