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3 Secrets Every Retiree Should Know About Cuenca

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American retirees are naming the climate, tranquility, and friendliness of its people as the top reasons for making Cuenca their preferred retirement destination abroad.

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The Climate, Tranquility and Friendliness of its People Make Cuenca the Preferred destination for American Retirees

In 2009, the National Living magazine published a study declaring the Ecuadorian city of Cuenca as the ideal destination for retirees. From then until now, more than three thousand Americans have settled in the city, capital of the province of Azuay, attracted by its climate, tranquility and the friendliness of its people.

Santa Ana of the four rivers of Cuenca, with nearly five hundred thousand inhabitants, has several international awards. In 1999 it was declared a World Heritage Site. Then was nominated in the 49th among the world’s historic cities, by National Geografhic Travel. In 2009, the trade publication Lonely Planet recognized Cuenca as one of the top ten places to be visited in the world.

These credentials, coupled with the peaceful atmosphere that prevails here, a city in which most public institutions prolonged standing by lunchtime, have been an attraction for foreigners visiting the city to explore the possibility of running .

Ann Gaelet, Maine, United States, is visiting for the first time in Ecuador. She stays for about a month to learn Spanish in Cuenca in central Simón Bolívar. It has decided to stay and live, but likes the ancient architecture of the city and the friendliness of its people.

Simon Peter Shaffa, North Carolina, USA emphasizes that Cuenca is a very clean, compared to other Latin American cities.

Jack Wilson, a native of Dallas, walking the downtown park Tuesday Calderón. He, like many others, became driven by the excellent comments of his countrymen who came a few years ago and chose to stay.

“We are investigating. Everyone talks of Cuenca. Said that some people are very friendly, the cost of living is lower and there are very nice people,” says the agency Jack Andes.

Meanwhile, Donna boile, Virginia, says he wants to live in Cuenca, who likes the friendliness of its people and that somehow comes for “the dream of Ecuador”.

Felipe Cardoso, Municipal Tourism Foundation to Cuenca, confirms that characteristics such as the mild climate of the city, without extreme changes, the quiet and efficient provision of basic services have influenced to become a place of residence for foreigners.

“I think there are positive implications because the Cuenca is amiable, very receptive. There has been a good synergy, Cuenca is generally a person who likes to help the foreign tourists. ”

As a counterpart, the new neighbors arrive wanting to be an active part of society and engage in social assistance and the dynamics of development of the city.

One of the negative aspects, indirectly, is that the influx of foreigners has led to the rise of some services and real estate, says Cardoso.

But the positives are more and promoting tourism in Cuenca has exploded with the boom has meant the presence of new residents.

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