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4 Ways Quito Keeps Attracting Visitors

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If Europeans and Americans were not enough, Ecuador has launched a mass marketing campaign to its neighbor Colombia, featuring its capital, Quito.

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Quito, Fascinating Latin American resort

The Ecuadorian capital intensified its promotion as a tourist destination for travelers Colombians.

Nearly three million tourists have visited Quito in the last six years, so that the city decided to open to the world and start a massive awareness campaign in order to multiply your visitors to this, a friendly city, owner of one of the best preserved historical centers and an attractive range of travel.

As the gateway to Ecuador, wants directing its offering to various market segments, as well as cultural tourism or corporate. The city has also has attractions and adventure tourism infrastructure (in and around us) and rural parishes.

It is an ideal destination for conference venues, conventions and incentive travel. The Northwest is an ideal place for bird watching (birding).

Founded in the sixteenth century on the ruins of an Inca city, has an extraordinary historical center, the longest and least altered in America, where in 40 blocks, there are 40 churches and 16 monasteries that arise in demonstrating their devotion ancestors.

Strategically located and 422,802 hectares, has one of the planet’s most biodiverse land with altitudinal variation ranging from 500 to 4,800 meters above sea level.

When he begins to discover, is a fan of surprises. The grandeur of its architecture, the sublime work of art, lively neighborhoods, its traditions and its people, captivate.

Seems like a dream to think that in one day you can go from a nature reserve to a forest and then a river, a waterfall and land in a traditional festival to sit and enjoy one of the finest food rich in ceviches, shrimp , seafood, fruit and potatoes.

Moreover, Quito, Ecuador as a whole, is a place of volcanoes has 69, most assets.

The Middle of the World
Just minutes from Quito you reach the point where they meet the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, latitude 0-0′-0 “, on the equator. Therein lies the great square pyramid Equator Monument.

And how do you know that this is ground zero, not a millimeter? Well for one small detail: by the attractive forces of the hemispheres that is based on the thesis Coreollis, the celebrated French who discovered this phenomenon. Indicates Then go south to the southern hemisphere, and walk two steps and repeat. Then the water running down the siphon is spinning, a whirlpool in the direction of clockwise.

And then two steps going up to the red line and the swirling water is stronger and goes in the opposite direction of clockwise.

Other locations
Gangotena The House, in the Plaza de San Francisco, in front of the Cathedral, is a real dream of luxury, harmony, decoration and architecture.

The night also has its places of rumba in areas like Round, where they meet bohemian intellectuals and youth.

To close, a good option is to go to Otavalo indigenous crafts center largest in Latin America, where they get all kinds of handmade products at affordable prices.

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