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Again! Quito Airport Opening Pushed Back

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Ecuador has delayed the opening of Quito’s new international airport. Why? Officials say the airport lacks direct access for both passengers and cargo to its new location across the city, along with missed test flight certifications, untested cargo and luggage movement systems, missing customs checkpoints, and resistance from domestic airlines. Ecuador hopes to have the airport in full throttle by the end of February 2013.

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The New Airport is Doomed to Postponement

For the fourth time was delayed the start of operations at the airport Tababela. Yesterday, Mayor Augusto Barrera announced that the new date is February 20 next year.

“It makes no sense to establish a logic of confrontation with the sectors that raised the order.” The said period expires, Quito would a modern air terminal 13 days after the presidential election. The order I made 28 businessmen and airline representatives.

The main argument: the lack of road infrastructure to ensure the movement of people and freight. Nothing new warnings about the lack of a direct route of access Tababela set themselves on since last year, when it emerged that Collas-Guayllabamba track will not be ready until 12 October this year.

However, on July 2, when he made the first commercial flight test with an American Airlines plane, Barrera insisted that the opening date was postponed operations. That, even though it was known that, apart from the access roads, missing tests freight, calibrate electronic systems for handling passengers and luggage and, especially, the construction of the air base and equipping the customs checkpoint.

The remaining time (three months and 10 days) was short. To Santiago Nieto, CR, keep the opening date of the airport is to show that there is a fulfillment of the word and therefore credible.

“The request is because the airline has not been enough time to implement the operations and have an operating airport,” he said. The Mayor’s decision must be ratified by the Council, at its meeting next Thursday. Councillor Dénnecy Trujillo said the idea of ​​postponing the opening of the airport is successful, but that is a joke that Barrera has not made to the council debate on the issue.

The Deputy Mayor, Sol Maria Corral, said the important thing about it is no false expectations created. “As for the tracks, everything depends on the flow of money in the pocket of those who give us credit. You may have to do an exercise in adaptation without road works completed. ”

The four-month delay in operations economically Tababela also influence in the Municipality. The reason: the renegotiation of the contract, driven by the current mayor, the council will receive a percentage of the fees paid by passengers.

On several occasions, city officials have said that these extra income will be used to partially fund the city’s road plan and construction of the metro. In accordance with the document, the City will receive 26% of that revenue, which was projected to have USD 877 million for 35 years, since the start of operations.

It also provided for a plan of rate adjustments, which will address not mainly the inflation index. Marco Subia, president of the Association of Representatives of the Ecuadorian Airlines reported that there are areas that are still unfinished, for example, the catering service. “The airport should be 100% operational to generate no inconvenience to users.” The Mayor’s decision also will affect projects that have been considered important for the city.

One is the subway. It was expected that the construction of the stations The Farmer and the Y begin in December. The first will rise on the site currently occupied by the Mariscal Sucre. That is, the work would be delayed. Edgar Jacome, Metro Unit manager, explained that the delay in opening Tababela not affect the overall project schedule. “They adjusted the time and work will begin once the property is vacant. The metro will start operating in August 2016. ”

Over the coming weeks the drills continue to calibrate electronic recording passenger and baggage handling in Tababela. Also planned starting load tests on 4 October. The northern Pichincha growers have complained that the cargo area is not yet consolidated. According to official information recorded a 92% complete. The Mayor’s commitment was to demand that the work be completed at the airport on October 12.

“The operation is postponed.” Is expected to have on February 20 and finish the road works Tambillo-Pifo. ‘s six works that are unfinished Air Base Platform will be in October Building Air Base is in charge of the armed forces. According to data from the Army Corps of Engineers, is done when the filling and compaction of approximately one million cubic meters of material, which is previously moistened and transported to the site of implantation of the platform, where it is compacted to build thereof. On the site, reported the work of workers and machinery Army is continuous. currently placed 14,500 cubic meters daily of compacted material to date have placed 787,612 cubic meters of the total material. Platform is expected to be ready next month.

Firefighters and police buildings to deliver the building for the Fire Department has a capacity for 76 uniforms, which are expected to work rotating shifts. Moreover, the structure is adapted to the location of seven pumpers. In this building, according to Quiport, subtraction place finishes. In regards to the space allocated for the Police, has a capacity for 70 people. The building will be in charge of the Operations Command: Narcotics, Dinapen and Judicial Police. This is one of the buildings, along with the structure of the General Aviation are to be delivered. This was affirmed by the sources of the new airport concessionaire.

The cargo terminal is still not consolidated until last June, the cargo area recorded a 85% complete. In that month, the overall work of the airport had a 95.13%, now reaching 97%. Pending integration with equipment operating in the Mariscal Sucre. The cargo terminal has an area of 42,000 m². 530.90 a capacity of 249 metric tons per year, twice the current airport. This building has four palletizers, where cargo is received and consolidated, palletized and sent to the aircraft. 90% of the cargo arriving at the airport in Quito is green. Cargo Center (Tabacarcen) and Logistic Center Alpachaca companies are in charge of this area. Load tests will be held on October 4. Certification No authorization extends On 2 July, with the landing of the Boeing 757 of American Airlines, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DAC) gave the Tababela precertification for limited operations .

That is, only for test flights with aircraft of all types. The final certification will be extended when they are mounted and tested all systems for handling passengers, baggage and cargo. Fernando Guerrero, director general of the DAC, said the unit constant testing laboratory performs on the track of the new airport. “The most complex is the airside, is ready,” he said. The delay in the opening of Tababela not affect the testing schedule. Catering is at the stage of finishing This area has an advance of more than 90%. It is in the placement phase of finishes. This space is intended for food service should carry aircraft.

The building is located on the land side of the airport. It is among the cargo building, control tower and the ground service area (building where the companies that provide support services to the aircraft, such as cleaning). According to Quiport, the building structures are able to withstand earthquakes of up to 9 degrees on the Richter scale. addition, have a fire protection to withstand up to 700 degrees centigrade. Corridor missing public transport plan specialized service passenger from Quito to the airport and vice versa Tababela still has not materialized. This has two axes: the first is the provision of tourist transport service and personnel. In December 2011 the company was delegated Aeroservicios del Ecuador SA to take charge of this service. The second is the opening of a broker-Quito-Tumbaco Quinche and interprovincial transport and taxis. In the first tests started and will last one month. The Municipality installed and signaled 35 stops, until the Y Pifo. Thence to the Quinche no stops, drivers stop as required by its users.

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