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Airport Alert: Higher Fees for Guayaquil Travelers

Article Summary:

Both domestic and international travelers to Guayaquil, Ecuador will pay higher airport taxes when purchasing tickets in 2013.

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Original Article Text From Ecuador Times:

Airport Taxes in Guayaquil’s Terminal Were Increased

Passengers who must travel domestically and internationally, from the Jose Joaquin de Olmedo Airport in Guayaquil, from January 1st, 2013, will pay 5.08 and $25.43 respectively, for airport taxes when purchasing their tickets, as a result of the decision made bu the City Council, at its last ordinary session of 2012.

The increase represents 2.64%, and between travelers the resolution was received with resignation, especially because they know the 50% revenue would go to the trust established for the construction of the new Daular airport, but demanded improvement in the quality of services.

“It’s a minimal increase contemplated by the airport concession contract and is regulated every year,” said Nicolas Romero Sangster, CEO of the Airport Authority of Guayaquil, noting that the costs were adjusted based on the inflation registered between October 2011 and September 2012.

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From Ecuador Times

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