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Ambitious Project Seeks to Improve Ecuadorian Logistics

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Ecuador is embarking upon a master logistics plan to help optimize its transportation efficiency. The project will link land, port, and air transportation to increase efficiency and competitiveness.

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Project seeks to improve the logistics chain in Ecuador
National Logistics Plan and Best Practices to International help to optimize production. This project will connect the road system, port and airport.

The Coordinating Minister of Production, Employment and Competitiveness, Santiago Leon, noted that part of the production chain and the competitiveness of a country is the logistics, because it allows to join the demand and supply. “So we have a string safe transport of different products,” he said.

The plan will prevent the transport of a non producing your product right and yet allow the storage facility has a regulated container where it can place their products and are transferred to the port properly, explained Minister of Transport and Public Works Maria de los Angeles Duarte.

“This way we are more competitive and our products abroad will be cheaper, because we save several steps,” said the official.

According to some studies, the minister explained Leon, 25% of production is lost due to lack of logistics.

The ports and airports will be built to special economic development zones, logistical support, agrocentros. With this process, “we can move products efficiently, secure and competitive to reduce costs for producers and consumers”, he said.

The logistics plan, said the representative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Carlos Melo, assist the regional and territorial development.

“Our regions are isolated and often have areas of excellence and be competitive globally important, but these problems can not make that leap,” he said.

The investment for this project is wide, says the Minister Leon, as it is shared by the central government, provincial government and the port and airport.

Part of this project is the delegation in the form of the Port of Manta Concession which is investing more than $ 100,000, also the highway Santo Domingo-Quevedo, said the ministers.

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