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Bigger, Longer and Taller; Ecuador’s New Airport is Almost Complete

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Ecuador’s newest international airport located in Tabaela, outside Quito, is 87% complete. With a budget of $380 million, the airport boasts the longest runway as well as the tallest control tower in Latin America.

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Original Article Text From Prensa Latina via Google Translate :

Correa commends progress in construction of new airport capital

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, today visited the construction of the new international airport in Tababela capital, where he praised its advance to 87 percent and confirmed the completion by October.

Correa stressed that this work includes longest run of Latin America and the tallest tower (41 meters), and said access roads will be first order, for which the central government has allocated almost $ 380 million, officials said.

Chief State inspected the control tower, houses and other facilities and evaluated the work of spectacular. “They are making history,” he told the workers building the airport and 18 kilometers from Quito, which involved two thousand 500 workers.

The City Mayor Augusto Barrera, who accompanied the president, said he hopes that in May is enabled track and constructive work in both the May 25, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) plans to begin test flights.

“We are excited and optimistic, this is a big step forward for the country” , said barrier and said the large props such as tourism development, production ad progress will benefit from this work.

The new airport is built on the plateau of Tababela, surrounded by creeks that form a natural barrier to prevent urban buildings in the area. The current airport is located at a height of two thousand 850 meters above sea level and its track has a length of three thousand 120 meters, this causes the large aircraft have to take off with a 60 percent its load.

However, Tababela may do more than 90 percent of its load, because the height is two thousand 400 meters above sea level and the length of the track is four thousand 100 meters.

On the road Collas-Airport, the Mayor said that is located in the building process and will join the Live route and repotenciada Interoceanic Highway, which is scheduled for full completion by 2014, according to the Ministry of Public Works.

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