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Carnival; Ecuadorian Style

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Carnival season is in full-swing in Ecuador where party goers flock to the country’s beaches, street fiestas and ecological reserves during the carnival season, which officially kicked-off January 20th.

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Tourism, Carnivals Cap Ecuadorian Fiestas

Holidays in Ecuador are being used to tour ecological reserves, beaches or enjoy the carnivals or fiestas started Jan. 20.

The fiestas de Guaranda, in Bolivar, are well seasoned with chicha (typical drink), popular Pájaro Azul -distilled from sugar cane, gallina, orange leafs and other grass.

Beyond masks, the parades, guitars, poetry and dances, the most expanded habit is sprinkling water on anyone in the streets, plus egg and flour, which Ambato, Tungurahua, banned and traded for flowers and fruits.

The tourists applaud the dancers who offer the visitors Pajaro azul, while hundreds of Indigenous farmers occupy downtown Guaranda, which is 2,650 meters avobe sea level.

Ecuador began the carnivals this weekend with the Intercultural Carnivals, the rock Festival, Sabado de Carnaval Fiesta Musical and Domingo de Carnaval Parade groups (comparsas).

In Manta, Manabi Province), some 12 beaches become the best attraction in Ecuador as 1st tourist pole and maritime and fishing port, located in a paradise bay on the Pacific Ocean luring the visitors with its climate, traditional dishes with the abundant sea products, bars, discos and Karaokes, ready for one-night bacanale.

Montecristi, craddle of General Eloy Alfaro and birthplace of the New Constitution, is also an attractive place, beyond its re-known world fame through the hand-made straw hats or “Panama hat”.

Beaches and rivers at seafront Esmeraldas is best known from this province

Majahual ecological reserve and river baths San Mateo and Atacames.

The fiestas are also held in Azcuy, where government brass and businessmen signed an agreement to further promote the tourist route Santa Barbara, Paute and Jubones, and promote the Carnivals.

Morona Santiago also promote their agendas while the traditional Taita Carnaval de Canar encouraged their businessmen to expose their offers.

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