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Ecuador and Mexico Agree to Joint Tourism Program

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Ecuador and Mexico signed a memorandum of understanding which highlights their desire to exchange information in key areas such as tourism management, increasing the quality of tourism, connectivity, and tourism training programs between the two nations.

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Ecuador and Mexico Seek to Strengthen Tourism Flows Between the Two Countries

Ecuador and Mexico will promote the exchange of experiences in key areas such as Management, Quality Tourism Investment, Connectivity and Training.

The Ecuadorian Minister of Tourism, Freddy Ehlers, and Mexico, Gloria Guevara, signed a memorandum of understanding that highlights the desire to strengthen collaboration through the design of initiatives to promote tourism, with the aim of increasing bilateral flows.

Also, encourage the exchange of experience and the delivery of key indicators that advance the development of tourism plans and programs.

State officials conceive of tourism as a key factor in the economic development of their countries, hence the need to boost growth on the basis of a new vision aligned to Conscious Tourism.

The signing of the agreement took place in the framework of the Second International Congress on Ethics and Tourism UNWTO ending Thursday.

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