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Ecuador Completes 2 out of 3 Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects; $123 Million Super Highway Yet to Be Started

Article Summary:

Ecuador has completed two of its three major infrastructure projects. Remaining is a $123 million super highway in the central coast city of Quevedo.

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Ecuador: Three Road Works Stand In Surrender Of Public Works

The Minister of Transport and Public Works, Maria de los Angeles Duarte, presented the achievements of roads, and showed how complex emblematic works of bridges in rivers Babahoyo and Daule, the “National Unity”, the cable-stayed bridge on Napo River and the highway project in Quevedo.

The passage between Guayaquil and Duran, the river was made Babahoyo by a single four-lane bridge by circulating up to 80 thousand cars daily and in times of increased use were delayed up to 30 minutes to travel two kilometers.

The achievement of the complex with the fourth bridge “overcame this problem,” said Minister Maria Angeles Duarte during the act of accountability of state portfolio along with other production front.

The fourth bridge was opened in September 2011 and required an investment of U.S. $ 102 million.

The cable-stayed bridge on the Napo River in Ecuador’s Amazon is running a work that stands out for its aesthetics. It will have 590 meters in length and will support between 1,500 and 2,000 vehicles daily.

The cost exceeds $ 48 million and employs 300 people directly and 800 indirectly. The Minister of Transport and Public Works noted that this bridge will be complemented with lighting and additional works will be launched in the coming days, but did not specify a date.

The third flagship project is the first super highway that will Quevedo Ecuador, on the coast. The work will cost $123 million and will benefit not less than 250 thousand people.

The Ministry of Transport and Public Works is currently managing 115 projects for road maintenance, 3,400 running routes and 78 new road projects.

Has budgeted $ 387 million for 71 bridges, U.S. $ 219.5 million for airports and $ 344 million for port infrastructure.

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