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Ecuador Debates Tourism Bill

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The tourism sector is the third strongest economic engine for Ecuador, after oil and bananas, so much in fact that the nation will include tourism incentive legislation to boost its presence abroad.

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Discussion Ecuador Tourism Bill as a Proposal for the Country’s Economic Development

The National Assembly of Ecuador initiated the first discussion on the draft Tourism Law, which seeks to establish a legal framework for the promotion and development of this important economic activity in the country, in addition to regulation of this sector, the powers of the State and the rights and obligations of providers and users.

The bill’s sponsor and chairman of the Economic Development Commission, Fernando Velez, said that tourism plays a leading role very important and strategic for economic diversification and sustainable development and sustainable Ecuador.

One of the main objectives of this Bill is the creation of the National System of Tourism, which will facilitate the development of tourism through appropriate coordination among sectors involved, the protection of the rights of Good Living, respect for the rights of the nature, and the ability to generate more employment opportunities and income for the Ecuadorians.

Francisco Ulloa, a member of the Commission, stressed the importance that Ecuador has to encourage, promote and increase tourism to a state policy, because that will allow not only generate revenue for the country but processes of redistribution of wealth.

President of the National Assembly, Fernando Cordero, closing the debate reminded MPs that have three days to submit comments on the project in order that the Economic Development Commission to prepare the report for the second debate.

The promotion and development of domestic and foreign tourism are key to project the image of the country and contribute to the positioning of the tourist attractions in international markets.

According to preliminary figures, Ecuador received by October 31, 2012 over 000 1’049 visitors, maintaining an average growth of 12% and surpassing for the first time in history, the country’s tourism million barrier two months before concluding year.

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