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Ecuador: Easter Tourism Generates U.S. $8 Million

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Ecuador’s most attractive destinations for domestic travel are the beach resorts in the provinces of Guayas, Manabi and Esmeraldas, and are expected to rake in U.S. $8 million in tourist dollars.

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Ecuador: Domestic Tourism by Easter Holiday Generates About U.S. $ 8M

The holiday of Easter which begins on Friday generated great expectations in the tourism sector in Ecuador. So far the forecasts at the economic movement for the flow of people projected $ 8 million across the country.

The dynamics is generated by the mobilization of almost half a million tourists, says Louis Hanna, president of the National Federation of Chambers of Tourism of Ecuador (Fenacaptur).

“The actual holiday is considered more of a religious, so it is different from Christmas, New Year or Carnival, because it has other reasons related to the faith.” In the coastal city of Guayaquil are provided around 25 processions.

“It is appropriate to connect religiously and healthy fun on the other. Thus there is a true national integration through the family. ”

On the morning of Wednesday, the Fenacaptur had a report of sale to 100% of all tickets in the bus station in Quito. According to the record were sold all quotas on interprovincial routes to Guayaquil and Esmeraldas (Costa).

The destinations are the beach resorts in the provinces of Guayas, Manabi and Esmeraldas. However, despite the demand for tickets, the tourism sector, at least on the coast, shows a reduction for the start of classes and lack of ability to save, says Louis Hanna. So about 60% of sites hosting before the holiday and have a reservation.

Hotel Sector. With this approach matches the president of the Hotel Association of Guayas, Gino Lucy, who argues that stocks of first-class hotels and luxury are in about 55%. This percentage is lower than that obtained in other types of holidays.

According to him, floods and landslides on several roads during the strong winter have meant that there is fear in the traveler and reserves fall by 15%. “They called to ask the state of certain roads on the coast and this has led to the cancellation of several reserves.”

However, promotions are attractive. A package of hotel accommodations in first class and even luxury around U.S. $ 75 per night for each person, including, breakfast and children under twelve are free.

The coastal city of Guayaquil has luxury hotels, first class and middle class, with a capacity of 2,500 rooms.

Travel Agencies. Another sector that recorded gains in this type of holiday is made ​​up of travel agents, tour operators and wholesalers. Sales of tickets to destinations like the Galapagos generate revenue by about $ 2 million, says Francisco Delgado, manager of the Delgado Travel Agency.

A week before the start of the holiday, tickets and lodging in the island region were already exhausted. He said that 80% of tickets they buy foreign and 20% are Ecuadorians living abroad. “They go with their families and return the country to know, go in groups of four to six people.”

For example, date to be high season (more demand), a Galapagos package for three nights and four days costs about $ 720 per person.

He explains that in the case of domestic tourism is little to sell, “because each one takes his car and leaves with their own online bookings made anywhere in the country.”

Tourism Guayaquil. In the coastal city of Guayaquil there are many places and options for tourists to walk around and know the family. Including the neighborhood of Las Peñas, the Malecon Simon Bolivar, the Malecon del Salado, the boat ride on the river Guayas Morgan and finally discover the city on a tour on board the vehicles of Guayaquil Vision.

Company that offer similar to what countries like Spain, in a one hour tour allows the tourist to visit the main sites and attractions of the city of Buenos Aires.

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