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Ecuador Exports Record $535 Million in Cocoa

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Last year Ecuador exported a record U.S. $535 million to the world in cocoa, with the U.S. receiving at least 50% of the export market.

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At the 85th meeting of the Council of the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) representatives of the market highlighted the role of this product in the Ecuadorian economy.

Undersecretary of Agriculture, Alberto Larco said that in 2011 it produced 200 thousand metric tons of cocoa, which means 4.5% of world production of seed.
exported U.S. $ 535 million to the world, the main U.S. buyers (50%) and Europe (35%).

The Secretary explained that “the market cake, we can see that Ecuador is seventh, with 4.5% of world cocoa production (…) In the subsector of fine cocoa aroma represent 62% are the two-thirds of what is produced worldwide. ”

Cocoa is the oldest export product of Ecuador. In this type of work culture 100 000 farming families in 490 hectares and 90% are distributed in the coastal provinces and the western foothills of the Andes. In contrast, the other 10% is in the Amazon region.

Larco Undersecretary recognizes that the cocoa industry which gives added value to the product is growing, they produce cocoa powder and chocolate.

Although “85% of production is still exported grain.” Germany and the Netherlands are the main consumers of Ecuadorian cocoa, but the official said China and Japan have entered the Ecuadorian market.

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