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Ecuador Government Explores Standard Fee Structure for Galapagos National Park

Article Summary:

Admission to the Galapagos National Park is currently not controlled by the Ecuadorian government; but government officials are proposing new tourism parameters, regulating air travel in the park, and setting a standardized fee structure for the protected area.

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Original Article Text From Asamble Nacional Ecuador via Google Translate :

The Income From Tourism To The Galapagos Can Not Be Limited By Law, Says The Chairman Of The National Park

Edwin Naula, president of the Galapagos National Park said in the Committee on Regional Governments that admission to the islands can not be limited by law, because in that sense there were experiences that did not work.

In its comments on the draft Special Law of Galapagos recalled that at some time in a master plan is said to be input up to 25 000 tourists, then rose to 40 thousand, 80 thousand, 120 thousand, and, finally, the roof removed.

Given this reality proposed parameters are controlled to motivate and influence on that growth, that is to regulate the entry of new airlines frequencies and the Archipelago, guide tourism beyond the towns and set an appropriate rate of entry into the protected area .

For this purpose said to be encouraging tourists to stay several days in the Galapagos, considering that currently, the average time of visits is 2.5 to 3.5 days, including some just for one night.

He said that people who stay from one to three nights in the Galapagos, they would pay $ 24, between four and six nights, $ 15, and seven to fifteen days, pay $ 12.

It also recommended that tourism is developed with local participation, where the community has access to benefits and resources generated by this activity.

Another emergency is the need for acceptable load levels in the towns, according to the possibilities of basic services that can ensure each local government.

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