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Ecuador Government Recognizes Violence Remains a Concern Amongst the Citizens

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The Government took action this year to lessen the fears of the Ecuadorian people and provide a stronger sense of security by using elite security organizations and the military police on the streets. Despite these actions, Ecuadorian still sees this as one of the main problems of the country and there has been little reduction in crime figures.

Original Article Text From Ecuador Prensa Libre via Google Translate :

Country: Insecurity Did Not Fall in 2011

Despite the actions taken by the Government in 2011 to counteract the levels of violence, the end of the year people still sees this as one of the main problems of the country and there has been no reduction in crime figures.

The Cedatos polling consulted people who burn the day. 18% responded that crime and insecurity. This response came in second place. The first was the president, Rafael Correa, confrontational. Review profiles, but asked what was the worst thing that has happened in the country in 2011, the main response was the same, with 24.1%.

Actions implemented
Among the actions taken by the Government this year are, in cachinerías operatives, the output of the elite groups as the Police Intervention and Rescue Group (GIR), the Special Operations Group (GOE) and the Group Narcotics Special Mobile (GEMA) to patrol the streets of the cities with highest crime rates, the implementation of the campaign’s ‘Most Wanted’, among others.

Security expert Ricardo Camacho said that those assessments show that this situation “remains the Achilles heel of the current government,” since, according to the latest statistics from the Judicial Police, nationwide complaints increased by 47% compared to 2010.

Also stated that it should be noted that not all victims resort to this measure by the lack of confidence in the justice system.

Camacho also questioned the measures as the “Most Wanted ‘, have had only” a media success, since statistics show that the rate of homicides per 100 000 inhabitants is 19 “.

He said that there is a bad distribution of the military and re-shoot the armed forces to the streets to fight crime has not worked because “organized crime has mutated and is three steps forward that the government”, so that should address this problem with “State policies and measures that the short-term media fall alone.”

The data
The Minister of Interior announced that in the second week of January will present the figures for crime rates.

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