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Ecuador Needs More Tourism Awareness, Spanish Tourism Expert Called to the Rescue

Article Summary:

The Minister of Tourism for Ecuador seeks to strengthen the country’s tourism management plan. Meeting recently with Spanish tourism expert Bruno Pujol, he determined Ecuador needs to find more effective ways to promote Ecuador as a tourist destination.

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Original Article Text From El Tiempo via Google Translate :

Ministry Promotes Tourism Awareness

The Tourism Minister Freddy Ehlers received this week a Spanish expert in tourism, Bruno Pujol. In this space the two men talked about the new concept of tourism awareness.

This “is a pact, responsibility, mutual respect and fellowship among tourism stakeholders in the communities, the tourist and the natural and cultural heritage,” says Ehlers.

This concept seeks to strengthen and contribute to a better tourism management “function of the contents of the National Plan for Good Living, and therefore the formulation of public policies for this activity,” and should be considered in all public and private activities.

For Bruno Pujol, reaffirmed in the knowledge and ethical coherence. “The loss of coherence is a major issue internationally, we want a responsible, sustainable, respectful, but we build casinos, we want a fair tourism, social, community, but we allow big resorts.”

Against this, says we must abandon the paradigm that to reach happiness, consumerism is the way.

This whole concept is based on the constitutional process in Ecuador, 2008, in one of its cornerstones establishes the concept of Sumak Kawsay, or Good Life. (MFT)

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