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Ecuador Receives Little Direct Foregin Investment

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Compared to the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean, Ecuador receives little direct foreign investment, and according to experts, oil and mining are not enough to develop the country. It is more than evident, they say, that Ecuador will require more outside resources to develop its potential.

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Poor Foreign Investment, Development Outlawed

Under UNCTAD in 2011 the flow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) worldwide was $ 1 524.4 billion. In Latin America and the Caribbean entered $ 217 000 million, to Ecuador as only $ 568 million or 0.26%, insignificant figure, paler in relation to the world’s total.

Countries poorer than Ecuador and strive for progress have created a favorable environment for FDI. Vietnam received $ 7 430 million in FDI. The percentage grows for decades to 7% per year and already produces a quarter of the GDP per capita of Ecuador, reduce poverty and create jobs

Mongolia received by IED $ 4 715 million, produces half of Ecuador is the new icon of the countries awakening to development. Tanzania, Uganda and Bangladesh, with per capita income less than $ 600, received by FDI amounts greater than Ecuador. In the first quarter of 2012, FDI in the country reached the poor figure of $ 110 million, 61% corresponded to the mining and quarrying.

Oil and mining are not enough to develop the country, will require more resources. FDI is imperative also for its positive effects on assimilation and technological development, in learning new forms of production and achieving high standards of productivity to be inserted and compete in global markets.

FDI is provided to diversify export products and be an active part in world trade. FDI encourages domestic private investment, complementarity essential for sustained high economic growth and creating more jobs. prohibit the development of their people who despise countries in exchange for consolidating FDI statist models, isolated for fear of competing and lease space to private enterprise to create wealth and progress.

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