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Ecuador Seeks Commerce and Tourism from Northeast China

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Investment opportunities, projects, and export opportunities are driving Ecuador to seek trade agreements with China. Meanwhile in Ecuador, China is commencing with hydroelectric and thermal mining projects.

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Ecuador encourages investments, commerce and tourism in Northeast China

The opportunities in investment projects and export trade supply and attractions in Ecuador were presented this weekend at a seminar on trade between China and Latin America by the ambassador in Beijing, Leonardo Arízaga. As explained by Ecuadorian diplomat entrepreneurs and government officials from the provincial government of Heilongjiang (northeast) and the city of Harbin, strategic projects are taking place in Ecuador with Chinese companies very attractive.

Arízaga handed the portfolio of projects prepared by the Ministry Coordinator of Strategic Sectors in Ecuador the vice governor of Heilongjiang, Cheng Youdong, who inaugurated the seminar, attended by hundreds of Chinese companies and diplomats of Costa Rica, Peru, Venezuela and Grenada, among others. Ecuadorian Ambassador quoted as referring to the company that develops Harbin Electric San Francisco hydroelectric projects and Termoesmeraldas Mines II at home. also presented Arízaga products can be exported to Ecuador Heilongjiang as bananas, shrimp, balsa and other woods, cocoa, coffee, among others. Harbin is home Beidahuang Group – the largest food company in the world, very interested in the Ecuadorian exportable.

Tourist attractions, cuisine and cultural diversity in Harbin were also exposed to coincide with the tour of a tourist caravan Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. “Ecuador strengthened its promotion of its image in China with trade promotion events, tourism and investment in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Harbin in the last month and sales managers in China traveled to Ecuador to accompany business delegations interested in developing contacts and do business for mutual benefit, “the ambassador.

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