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Ecuador Seeks More Connectivity By Opening Additional Air Routes

Article Summary:

Ecuador hopes to incorporate air routes to destinations other than those currently held, which include flights to the U.S. and the capitals of Argentina and Germany.

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Original Article Text From El Tiempo via Google Translate :

Ecuador Studying New Air Routes

This capability is part of a proposal to improve “connectivity” of the country, President Rafael Correa said in a meeting with journalists in Guayaquil.

This strategy, said the president, was in the context of a process of analysis by a team of collaborators, which also discussed the possibility of adopting the system of “open skies”.

However, Correa noted that a policy of “open skies” could generate “anti-competitive strategies” by companies, making more effective alternatives were sought.

A “best strategy to improve connectivity in the country are specific incentives to develop certain routes, for example, Toronto-Los Angeles,” said Correa, who also mentioned other destinations such as Berlin, Alemani, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Explained that among the benefits for airlines, domestic or foreign to assume the new routes to be proposed, include the reduction of 40 percent in fuel costs.

“Basically we are talking about new routes” and its development has a cost, which is currently being evaluated, the president said he saw positive benefits to the proposal because it will also attracts tourists for obtaining revenue and boost the economy.

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