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Ecuador Starts Sustainable Tourism Project in Pichincha

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Ecuadorian Fundación Esquel has completed the first European Union sustainable tourism project in the Northwest area of Pichincha. Local tourism operators have formed a corporation with the purpose of bringing together tourism entrepreneurs to identify common business and sustainable practices and at the same time, to be partners offering a chain of services to travelers.

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Environmentally Friendly Tourism
Last Friday, Fundación Esquel completed the sustainable tourism project in the Northwest of Pichincha

since February 2010, Esquel Foundation, with support from the European Union (EU) carried out a project to strengthen sustainable tourism in the cantons San Miguel de Los Bancos, Pedro Vicente Maldonado and Puerto Quito.

The aim is that this type of tourism is the catalyst for development axis of the northwest area. The project was run from the group of the population, giving priority to youth work. With them we worked on creating a value chain of tourism and awareness on environmental issues.

The implementation of the project was completed in July 2012, resulting among other things, the creation of a Sustainable Tourism Corporation Northwest of Pichincha ( CTS), which was achieved by working together and with agreements between local actors. So far this corporation are part of eight tour operators and two community organizations. “Employers in this area misunderstood the concept of competition, were seen as enemies.

The purpose of this corporation was to bring together entrepreneurs to identify common business and sustainable practices and at the same time, to be partners of other tourism businesses in the area, both provincial and local government, “said Boris Cornejo, chief executive of Esquel Foundation. Another important processes carried out with the project was working with local governments, and support the creation of a pool of the three counties to work on issues related to environmental management and sustainable tourism development. San Martin Wilson, who owns a popular restaurant in Pedro Vicente Maldonado was part of the project.

In his business several weaknesses were identified and then trained its employees to forward the services offered to customers, improve. addition, the Esquel Foundation work done with young people prompted the creation of the Youth Management Committee. One of his early work has been the promotion of eco bags to protect the environment. (CDCE) The first land mark achievement of a sustainable tourism project is the creation of a regional tourism brand, the first in the country.

Under Legend Northwest of Pichincha, discover life, are grouped 54 tourism businesses in the area, including restaurants , taverns and entertainment venues that were evaluated with 108 quality parameters. Among the environmentally friendly practices were evaluated processing waste, water use, customer relations, among others. If a tourism business wants to be part of that mark must sign an agreement to be evaluated.

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