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Ecuadorian Travel Agencies Embrace Alternative Tourism

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For many who visit Ecuador beaches are often the first choice, but Ecuadorian travel agencies are discovering a new tourist; one who prefers ecotourism, agrotourism, archaeological, and even culinary tourism options in their travel agenda.

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Travel Agencies Opt for Alternative Tourism, a Booming Business

The beaches are still the first choice, but communities will then care for the environment and good food the focus of today’s travelers demand

In summer in the Sierra, offers to meet the different destinations around the world are already available within package tours to travel agents. Punta Cana, Panama, Miami, Caribbean, among others, several of the classic places that Ecuadorians prefer to visit.

Within the country, ‘which is the first choice of domestic tourists, the beaches remain iombatibles. However, in the last five years, options for alternative tourism, especially in Ecuador, they add followers. David Ramirez, ecotourist, explained that, currently, the tendency is to look for different scenarios “to escape the consumerist life and routine. ”

“Establishing a more intimate connection with nature and indigenous is essential. Therefore, Bathrooms, Galapagos and Otavalo, and several sites in the east, are preferred.” New forms of tourism “have plagued the world “.

The adventure, agrotourism, ecotourism, archaeological, culinary, cultural and festive are several that are practiced in Ecuador. The latest data from existing tourism, 2010, indicate that beach tourism remains the first. However, community tourism ranks second. The Dining archaeological and heritage are also among the five most widely practiced in the country. travel agencies in the country have seen in them a new niche market, even though the activities are not consolidated.

The current lack of preparation of the guides and “without good customer service, progress in this area is difficult.” said David Ramirez, ecotourism has great reception, mainly due to worldwide concern about climate change. “The processes of globalization, modernization and industrialization distress a particular part of the world: therefore, the activities related to caring for the environment.”

Sara Mena, travel agent, says that due to demand, have included, in tourist destinations, vacation packages visits to places such as Mindo, the Ilinizas, Tena, Misahuallí and Cotopaxi, among others. “Those who traveled these places had only foreign, but now many Ecuadorians prefer this type of rides,” he says. In the case of the Sierra, tours are offered including horseback riding, hiking, climbing, biking and visits to lakes, mountains, volcanoes and lakes.

Kaynami tourist agency, located in northern Quito, said the trip to anyone of these destinations is performed only once in the month of August. However, if there is another group of minimum 15 persons “could be repeated.” The trip to the East, for example, consists of groups of 20 to 30 people, later staying for three nights and four days in a hotel that offers all meals. This package retails for $ 199. Mauritius Lascano, traveler, says that every year organizes a walk with friends to different parts of the country.

“This year we are going to Baños de Agua Santa and, when we are there, hire a guide for Green River and Black River.” He explained that several years ago hired a tour package to travel to Tena. “The next year visit the place alone and was better, I knew more.” Paulina Toro, however, says he feels “safer” when traveling with a package purchased. (MJR-RMD) Types of tourism is the gastronomic performed by a person or group in order to know and taste the typical dishes and meals that exist in the chosen location.

The culture is concerned only with the cultural aspects such as museums, buildings old, among other things. The holiday is made ​​by travelers for the sole purpose of being part of a festival that takes place in a certain date anywhere in the world.

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