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Ecuador’s Economy Exceeds Expectations

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The Ecuadorian economy is expected to rise 5.4%, exceeding the estimate of 4.8% calculated for this year.

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Ecuador’s Economic Growth Will Exceed the Estimated Earlier this Year

Ecuador recorded further growth this year, according to figures released by the Central Bank. The Ecuadorian economy may rise 5.4%, exceeding the 4.8% that was estimated for the government this year.

This figure becomes the analysis of the behavior of GDP in the second quarter, when it posted an increase of 1.2% compared to the first quarter, when it had increased 1%.

The building, with an increase of 3.4%, services 2.4% in manufacturing, 1.5% are the activities that lead the economy.

Under Secretary of Planning for Good Living, Ana Maria Larrea said that in the case of construction should be noted that the area of ​​analysis includes both real estate and public works, which is the largest contributor to economic growth in this item .

These figures are consistent with those set by the Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, in a television interview from Cadiz, Spain, for the public broadcaster TVE, in which he recalled that “South America is the land of hope” and “grew up in Ecuador 2011 about 8%. ”

These references occurred when asked why several Spanish professionals are migrating to Ecuador, to which Rafael Correa added that “much has been done in reducing disparities, but much remains to be done.”

So he said that to a humanist tradition, Ecuador has always received with open arms and migrants “can contribute much to the development of this country” especially medical specialists, workers high academic level, university professors, among others.

“Latin America is all to be done. Ecuador is the three fastest growing economies in Latin America and have unemployment below 5%, “he added.

Also said that Ecuador is seeking investment of medium activities related to larger industrial counterparts, for example in construction, he said.

Rafael Correa reported that following a meeting with Spanish President Mariano Rajoy, has managed to halt evictions for two years for people who earn less than 19,000 euros per year, and you go through a convention of health systems to ensure that to approximately 12,000 Spanish residents in this country will see them in full coverage, in exchange for continuing to give service in Spain Ecuadorian migrants living there.

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