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Green Light Given to Ecuador’s New Customs Platform

Article Summary:

Starting October 15, all foreign trade procedures completed in Ecuador will be streamlined into a nationalized computer platform, armed with the goal of reducing paperwork and transit times.

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All Set for New Customs System

As of October 15, all foreign trade procedures are performed by the system called Ecuapass, a computing platform that will streamline the paperwork burdens nationalization. For this, the National Customs Service of Ecuador (Senae) external training has made 287 in the 10 districts that have the entity in the country.

The trainings were conducted since the beginning of the year and, since August, importers, exporters and all foreign trade operators have tested the system, said Xavier Cardenas, director of the institution. The state invested $ 21 million in the system, in the last three years.

The Senae expected savings of $ 15 million for foreign trade operators, for each day that a container is not in the courtyards of the Customs in the Port. In 2006, the time delayed importers to nationalize a load was 15 days. Today is 6.5 days, and the Ecuapass could be up to three days at most. Maria Penafiel, head of the Import and Export Importer Bohorquez said that its two entrenched agents are ready to use the new system.

“They have been training themselves for four days with the driver.” Instead, Eliana Cedeño, assistant Imports Deporpas company said it is not yet safe to handle single digital program. “I hope the customs dispatchers help us.”

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