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Here’s Why You Cannot Climb Alone in Ecuador

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It’s been only a few months since Ecuador’s Ministry of Environment decided that climbing over 5,000 meters without a professional guide is no longer allowed.

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Safety Travel: New Trend in Ecuador to Prevent Accidents While Traveling

It’s been only a few months since Ecuador’s Ministry of Environment decided that climbing over 5,000 meters without a professional guide is no longer allowed. There have been multiple tragic accidents in the field of mountaineering in the Ecuadorian highlands, which made the Ministry decide to harden their regulations and to obligate guided climbing tours. Most accidents only become dangerous when no help or no emergency-trained person is near.

The case of three Ecuadorian climbers, who tried to climb the south peak of Illinizas on their own, brought the ministry to a discussion about new regulations. While the three mountaineers, Sergio Gomez, 28, Freddy Velasquez, 34, and Maria Fernanda Chacha, 22, returned to the refuge, they were surprised by bad weather. One of the climbers slipped, fell and dragged the others with him. The three of them, roped together, fell down about 200 meters. In the ideal case, there would have been two guides with them, one guide for every two climbers. (see also: article from El Comercio, 24.10.2012 :http://www.elcomercio.com/pais/Excursionistas-Illinizas-montanismo_0_797320420.html)

Not only did the new regulation come into effect, the Ministry of Tourism also established workshops for specialized mountaineering guides. These workshops train and prepare guides for emergencies to prevent cases such as this and to set up a new safety trend. “It is necessary, that the guides are trained in safety issues when working with sports,” Gabriela Villacres, technical project manager, cited in a release from the Ministry of Tourism on 1.3.2013 (http://www.turismo.gob.ec/se-discute-perfil-de-guia-turistico-de-aventura-en-guayaquil).

Following the trend, Gulliver Expeditions, winner of the Trip Advisor Certificate 2013 and chosen as one of the best travel agencies in Ecuador, committed itself to a newer, higher safety standard to satisfy all their clients’ needs. Over the last few months Gulliver renewed all its climbing equipment to offer only the safest equipment for climbing.

Furthermore, all cars owned by the travel agency are now equipped with GPS tracking systems with speed control. For worst-case scenarios, in an area without cell phone service, it even comes with an emergency button for an immediate contact to all needed authorities.

Gulliver Expeditions is proud to bring a lot of experience in tours throughout Ecuador and only works with highly trained guides and the highest possible safety standards for equipment, planning and performance of a tour. “Gulliver and all its employees have a commitment to offer our clients the best offer possible, which includes a strict norm of safety and personal contact”, says Eran Hayoun, CEO.

Eran Hayoun also introduced a new Ecuador Andean Experience Program – a 9-day tour covering all of Ecuador with a private certified guide, a car and personal assistance 24-hours.

“With this private tour through Ecuador, we want to bring our clients to all the amazing spots this beautiful country offers. To reduce any risk which might occur, all tours include the highest possible safety standard we can provide”, cited Hayoun. There are also packages up to 21 days available to fit everyone’s desire.

About Gulliver Expeditions
Gulliver Expeditions, a Quito based tour operator and agency, specializes in tours through all of Ecuador, from the coast, over the highlands, to the jungle and also the Galápagos.

They offer tours from adventurous to luxurious, such as climbing and hiking tours in the Avenue of the Volcanoes, cultural sightseeing, biking tours, horseback riding, jungle trips and once-in-a-lifetime cruises to the Galápagos Islands, as well as tailor-made itineraries for trips across the whole country.

With every Gulliver tour comes, without exception, high-quality, personalized service, competitive prices, high standards in safety procedures as well as professional, qualified guides.

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