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Hot, Hot, Hot: Los Banos de Cuenca Attract National Attention

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Settling in at 75° C, the hottest, hot springs in Ecuador, Los Banos De Cuenca, are growing in regional popularity. So much in fact, Ecuadorian government officials have started a national tourism project toting their healing values and pristine location.

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Hot springs Attract Tourists Banos de Cuenca

In the parish Baths, located 8 miles from Cuenca, the thermal water coming out of a geological fault called Loma de los Hervideros is used by the inns and spas for treatment of some diseases associated with airway tract. The fault line is 400 meters long and 10 meters high. The water emerges at a temperature of 75 ° C.

This is the highest temperature rating there compared to other hot springs in the country. Due to these conditions, the thermal waters are attributed healing properties for rheumatism, anemia, stress, acne, gastritis, kidney bile and anxiety.

Over 80 years ago, Ricardo Duran Brito, owner of the inn Duran, found that the water coming out of the Loma de los Hervideros calming minerals possessed certain pains. His granddaughter, Susan Duran, Spa manager Novaqua terminal, said that all started with a small pool that was used to spending time with family and friends.

“People who got into the pool-grandfather said Duran said cured of their ills.” Thus, with the passage of time, this site is built in two pools and the company was formed Duran. obtaining But the hot springs is not a simple process. Susan explained that sometimes, especially after earthquakes, the source of water resources is lost and appears at another point within the same area.

To use the water there is a cooling process and pipeline. With the process are achieved temperatures are around 38 ° C or 40 ° C. In the Thermal Spa Novaqua there called thermal pools, in which users experience different temperature changes. For example, at first the water is 41 ° C and in the second thermal bath temperature of 8 ° C, this contrast helps the blood circulation throughout the body, said Duran.

At this spa, other attractions is the thermal mud is made ​​of sediments obtained from the volcano. When mixed with special chemicals, mud is used as a moisturizing mask. Gladys Eljuri, Director of Tourism for Basin Foundation, said the hotbeds of Loma is considered one of the major tourist spots in the county. For this reason, Baths is part of a national project whose first phase resort is focused on the promotion.

“We talked to several tour operators for five venues Basin, including the hotbeds Loma, are promoted nationwide,” said Eljuri. For the next three months, it is expected that the number of visits to this site increases . To do this, the mayor Paul Granda said that will work well in finding deals that attract local and foreign tourists. (MAN)

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