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New Study Reveals Hottest Latin America Tourist Destination

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Quito, Ecuador was the city with the most growth in the tourism industry for the first half of 2012, posting 19% growth. Quito’s numbers are nearly five times higher than the world average (4%), and well above that of other Latin American cities known as popular tourist destinations.

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Quito is the Latin American city with the highest tourism growth in 2012

Study highlights Quito as the city with the highest growth in Latin America in the tourism sector. So says the international journal Global Destinations Master Card Index, which indicates that in 2012, 26.3% visited tourists from the region, followed by 24.8% in Bogotá and Rio de Janeiro with 16.1% .

The analysis reveals that in the first half of 2012, the growth rate of Quito was 19%, nearly five times the world average (4%) and well above that of other Latin American cities are known tourist destinations such as City Mexico (13%), Buenos Aires (7%) and Sao Paulo (-5%).

The publication also notes that if this rate of growth continues, and Quito Rio de Janeiro could quickly escalate further in the ranking tourism within the next five years.

Quito ranks third among the 20 cities with rapid growth of tourists, with 18.8%, just behind Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo with 28.6% to 21.5%. In this study, spread over 132 cities on five continents were selected for analysis.

Patricio Gaybor, Quito tourism official said that one of the factors that have influenced the growth of tourism in the capital are positive economic indicators of the country.

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