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Price War Rages Between Ecuador’s Domestic Airlines

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Ecuador’s domestic airlines, Tame and LAN, are fighting tooth and nail for passengers. In recent months both airlines have dropped prices for those wishing to travel during Ecuador’s peak domestic travel season of September to December.


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Airlines Launc Price Wars

The “war” fare turned Tame hand and LAN. Flights to Colombia from Peru for USD 219 and USD 239 mark the season that starts in September. LAN users can expect to shop and fly between September 1 and December 15 this year. Cali, Bogota, Lima, Medellin, are advertised destinations.

A passage outside promotion, bought one or two months notice currently fluctuates between USD 355 and USD 425 in Avianca-Taca companies, Tame, Copa Airlines, Aerogal. A statement from Quito Turismo, offering users Tame attempts to capture the two capitals.

Hence, the price of a roundtrip ticket from Quito-Bogota-Quito borders the USD 280. “In addition, with payment of $ 100 more, passengers can fly to other destinations in Ecuador, including routes in Tame, except Galapagos”, the statement said.

For Paul Arias, manager of Golden Vacations, wholesale tour, Tame entry to Bogota, from July 9, has caused other airlines flying to this destination also reduce prices and promote their promotions to fill their flights . However, he says, usually the airlines sell their tickets to season, but the first time you do it with advance purchase.

That is, that promote high season for the user fly in other months. Galo Paladins, manager of the travel agency Sol Caribe, coincides with this release. It also notes that LAN is flying to Peru with lower rates because there is a low passenger demand. Arias Paladins and note that compared to the previous year, and there is a decline of passengers, ranging between 30 and 40%.

This is due to the removal of fuel subsidy, held in January, which raised prices. To this we must add the values ​​for airport charges, which can exceed $ 100 for flights between Colombia and Ecuador.

To ensure sales targets, promotions are not the airlines. The agencies have also adjusted the prices of the tours. For example, last year a tour of Cartagena cost about $ 400 and is now at $ 300. Added to this is the ticket price, which once cost $ 500 and now 300.

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