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Real Estate Fraud Complaints Mar Ecuador’s Potential

Article Summary:

Breach of contracts, sale of a home to multiple buyers, fraud and infrastructure damage, are a sampling of the complaints found in Ecuador’s Ombudsman’s Real Estate Office.

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A wave of Complaints Against Real Estate

From one of the biggest complaints in Ecuador real estate scam, involving the Group 10 Stars-charged hundreds of people who invested their savings with them to homeownership-the legal claims against other property are have become visible.

From $ 5,000 to over $ 50,000, sums that people are invested in acquiring a home, depending on the sector and type of construction you choose.

According to the Ombudsman, your institution arrive daily to hundreds of complaints of those who somehow feel harmed in the business transaction.

One of the most common complaints involve the construction sector. In Quito, since 2008, two companies are under investigation because of the number of complaints.

According to records, the estate Habitavia Home has 46 complaints relate to requests for returning values ​​for homes purchased were not delivered. Others deal with irregularities and other reserve contracts for breach of contract conditions.

Another company is investigated Construction Union, with 29 reports of similar situations. One, conducted in 2008, calls for the intervention of the authorities to determine their legality and the restitution of the money invested.

Among the complainants is Edgar Salvador Sánchez Maya, who requested the money back because the department gave him aside and, to avoid problems, prefers not to remember the bad experience. The man recovered his money, but still unable to consolidate the dream of home ownership.

According to the records of the judiciary, Mario Javier Perez Pachacamac, president of the Construction Union real estate, has seven criminal complaints against him since 2007, presented by fraud, other frauds and forgery. Seven other claims are in the civil field, by bills of exchange and seizures, has six more in the labor courts, for assets and outstanding claims.

Within the process, Perez also serves as a representative Pachacama Company International Pacific Generator (Generpac SA), another property which also operates in the capital.

Louis. T, one of those affected, that his wife began to pay for a home in the Valley of Quito, but when the process was apparently ready to take possession of the house, were surprised that it was already occupied by other people, ie they were not the only owners.

The legal representative of the estate Habitavia Home SA, Henry Bonilla Michael Porter, has against two criminal complaints, four civilians, two in the labor courts and two more for violations.

Faced with these complaints, the Ombudsman opened a process to collect the required information and confirm or deny applications submitted by those who feel affected. They all came to the estate through advertising, either by media, billboards installed around the metropolitan district or housing fairs.

For example, Construction Union still promotes its housing projects in a fair held this weekend in the capital. The sales consultants, when asked about the demands that rest on the Ombudsman, they simply said they were unaware that they are only employees.

Among the companies are also reported Inmohome, Construction Sites, Building the Future, Madeira Real Estate, Real Estate San Francisco San Juan Calderon, Real Estate Santori, Proinmobiliaria, White Village Real Estate, Supply and Real Estate Inmobiliaria SA Benalcazar failures in buildings acquired, return of contributions, sale agreement, termination of contracts, delivery of documents, illegal land, among others. These companies have continued to advertise their housing plans in several areas of the capital.

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